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(VIDEO AND TEXT) Higher Education Commission’s NBEAC organizes 5th Deans and Directors Conference




KARACHI: Venue was the Grand Marquee of Pearl Continental Hotel where Governor of Sindh Muhammad Zubair inaugurated the 5th Dean and Directors’ Conference focusing on ‘Business Education:  Creating Impact with CPEC’ organized by HEC’s National Business Education Accreditation Council.

Speaking on the occasion Governor lauded the role played by HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed towards propagation of Higher Education and stated that he was committed to the cause of HEC in Pakistan.

Governor further said: ” Few things are very important: One is the role of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in spreading the Higher Education in Pakistan.

“And as I have mentioned earlier (HEC Chairman) Dr. (Mukhtar Ahmed) Sahab has done a tremendous job. I can proudly say that Higher Education Commission is one institution that has done splendid work in Pakistan in the last 10-12 years.

“And organizing a conference focusing on CPEC depicts the future of Pakistan, (in which) the role of business schools is very important. As the CPEC is developing education of business schools (is becoming imperative) apropos  (CPEC’s) requirements regarding education (&) building-up the mindset. So when graduates enter the industry they don’t reckon it a rocket science.

“The presence of Deans, Directors and other people of academia from America, Europe, China and UAE is a good sign”. 

Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed while pointing out that leadership in education was a vital resource, particularly in priority spheres, asserted that other mainstream stakeholders be taken into confidence in order to make practical policies to chart Pakistan’s socio-economic future.Chairman National Business Education Accreditation Council Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad while welcoming the delegates held that an equilibrium was needed to modify business education in Pakistan according to the local requirements.Terming HEC an extremely important organization keynote speaker Stephen J. Sacca held it was doing an incredibly important work to raise the standard of management education around the country.

Commenting on his keynote speech Stephen said he had an opportunity to convey to the delegates the importance of significant changes that are going to take place in the management education field worldwide particularly the digitalization and globalization.

Delegate from Shanghai University of International Business & Economics Professor Dr. Guo Xuetang commented on the significance of HEC. Shanghai Feiyun Culture’s representative Li Qinghua, while lauding the efforts of HEC, lamented the lack of Chinese-speaking staff here. NBEAC program Director Ahtesham Ali Raja told that out of 180 business schools in Pakistan 145 were participating in the 5th Deans and Directors Conference.


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Arts & Literature

Graduation ceremony and Exposition of the works of pupils of 31st batch of AFK’s Diploma in Professional Photography!





KARACHI: French Cultural Centre (Alliance Française de Karachi)’s main Art Gallery was the venue where eight graduating students of the 31st batch of Diploma in Professional Photography exposed their works. 

Director Alliance Française Gilles Pascal and MD Canon Muhammad Mahmud Naqvi gave away the diplomas to the successful students. Adrian Lobo received the award for the best creative work while Abdul Rafey Hasan was judged the best student of the batch.

Speaking to the (official partner BBCNEWS) Professor Rahmatullah Khan informed: “In 2006 we have introduced 1-year diploma in photography for the first time in Pakistan! It is an internationally recognized diploma.

Pupils learn different photography techniques. We teach almost everything from A to Z, except under-water photography because not everyone can do that.

Works of eight students are being displayed in this exhibition. Each student is exposing 30 of his/her photographs. During the six-month diploma course each student captures 8000 photographs. Out of that we select & display the best ones”.  

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Arts & Literature

(VIDEO AND TEXT) Aurélie Salvaire’s book ‘Balance the World’ launched at AFK




KARACHI: Conference Room of Alliance Française (French Cultural Centre) de Karachi was the venue where Barcelona-based French social entrepreneur and author Amélie Salvaire introduced her book Balance the World: Tactics to Help you Launch a Gender Revolution!

This book is a feminist guide for millenials gathering international projects aiming at balancing the world. Its digital version can be downloaded for free. Those interested can also buy the print version of the book on the website:

While launching her book Balance the World (published by Amazon) here at Alliance Française (French Cultural Centre) de Karachi she talked exclusively to (official partner BBCNEWS):

Q: Why Social Entrepreneurship?

A: I grew-up in a small village in the South of France. And I think I have been following a very traditional path like going to business school etc.

I moved to Spain because I wanted to have more quality life, somehow. And little by little I moved towards social entrepreneurship and realized that I wanted to be one of the persons changing the world. So it has been a progressive journey.

I wanted to work on the topic of gender equality because it is definitely touching me as a woman.   

My father, my grandfather and grandmothers were extraordinarily caring. But they were also showing some imbalance in the way they would treat other women, in society.

Me! I was the good girl, somehow. You know, I was the granddaughter… studying well etc. But the other women were not so privileged.

Q: In Pakistan powerful women (too) exploit the weak!

A: Power system is protecting the powerful. And that’s how the power system works.

Q: Why heart and roses on the cover (of the book ‘Balance the World…)?

A: It is heart and roses because the message is caring from the heart. It is not a message of war. It is a message of love. And it is also a tribute to the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo!

Q: Ideal situation and tactics suggested!

A: Ideal situation is quite simple: it is that half of our institutions are run by women and half and half of our homes are run by men. It is as simple as that. It is balance!

All the tactics are non-violent tactics: it can be humor, it can be infiltrate, it can be quotas, it can be boycott… There are many tactics that is listed in the book to actually contribute to a more balanced world.

Q: Organisation run by you?

A: My work is my own organization. Shift Balance is my own NGO registered in Spain. And we organize different workshops, training and talks in Pakistan as well as in other countries.

Q: Why Pakistan?

A: Because, I was invited here one year and half year ago. Because, in terms of gender equality Pakistan is second last in the world. But more than this, when I talk to the young generation they are very eager to hear this message. They want to know more about it. And I feel like the new generation wants more balance between men and women

Q: Is your message different for Pakistanis?

A: Not really! I Because I do the same in Spain, in France…after Pakistan I am going to Australia, I will do the same. So I don’t have any savior face when I come here. It is like I teach the young generation everywhere and I use what I learn here to teach people in the West and vice versa. T tell people here that the West is not perfect definitely. And to tell people there that there are actually a lot of people here changing the things.

Q: You mentioned China in your talk!

A: Because we were talking about how the people who come to any country change the stories and the myths and the power system. So, you know that China will play a really big role in the coming years in Pakistan. I think that will probably have an influence on gender (equality).

Q: Do you know that there is no Pakistani woman working for CPEC projects?

A: I am not very surprised to hear that. I am not saying that it is going to change for the better. I never imply that.

Q: West is responsible for backwardness of women?

A: The West has its responsibility in many countries in taking the situation of the women backwards definitely. But as much I can’t blame you for the politics of Pakistan, it is hard to blame me for the politics of the West!

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First All Sindh Intercollegiate Research Forum!



KARACHI: Vice Chancellor Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) Professor Doctor Syed Muhammad Tariq Rafi, while speaking on the occasion of inauguration of first medical research forum here has maintained that without medical research the dream of a healthy environment could not transform into reality”.

He said that in order to gain control over the spread of diseases health vision was extremely important, “in its light our medical students must advance in the field of specialization and research. JSMU provides its doctors with specialization opportunities in areas where research and planning is non-existent”.

HEC Regional Director (Sindh) Jawed Memon informing that HEC provides funds for research stated that if researchers timely inform the Commission about their requirements, it could provide assistance. He maintained that research allowed man profoundly ponder over complex issues.

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