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UM Supriyo, calling Pakistan a terrorist country, asks Indian industry to ban its artists!




MUMBAI: Sources privy to have been informed that Union Minister Babul Supriyo provokes the B-town actors to take actions against Pakistani artists working here.

In this regard, a source quoted Supriyo as saying, “Bollywood, as an industry, can influence people. If film stars take a stand, it will be good for India. Pakistani artists should not be encouraged to work in India.”

He further added that filmmakers promised to not hire artists across the border before the release of Karan Johar’s venture titled Ae Dil Hai Mushkil starring Fawad Khan however, no measures have been taken to fulfill the demands so far.

While giving harsh comments, Supriyo beams, “I think the mindset of solving the tension between India and Pakistan with cricket and music is no more applicable. Pakistan is a terrorist country. Our soldiers are being constantly targeted and killed along the border.” has earlier reported that Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals have been deleted from an upcoming Indian movie titled Welcome to New York.

Whereas, filmmakers did not approach Pakistani actress Saba Qamar for the sequel of Hindi Medium and Momal Shaikh for the Happy Phirr Bhaag Jayegi.

B-town Grapevine: Hindi Medium to have a sequel but Saba won’t be a part!

B-town filmmakers to oust Rahat’s voice from Welcome To New York?


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Actress Armeena Khan calls out Sheikh for derogatory comments!



KARACHI: Pakistani starlet Armeena Khan is known for being an outspoken lady. Lately, the actress took to Twitter to pan chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed for using inappropriate language for the people belonging to the entertainment fraternity on live television.

The actor posted, “Who is this man? Why is he using such abusive language against the film industry? Why is such obscene language allowed on mainstream television?”

Criticizing the politician, Armeena further went on to say, “I am embarrassed for this man. I mean, how do you just sit there and make such statements without realizing the wider ramifications? Is he educated? What background does he come from?  In the UK, he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near public office. “

Armeena strongly backed up and appreciated the artists, who are professional and do a lot of hardworking, “What do you call selling the soil of your motherland to corrupt politicians? In the wider world, only the BEST, the most educated, the most talented can dream of doing what WE do i.e. being artists. Real K’s can only dream of this so what do you do? Dream or sell?”

Claiming that there are innumerable concerns for politicians to talk about on TV instead of giving derogatory comments against anyone, she held, “As a creative professional, I am left wondering if the politicians historically tasked with developing and supporting our creative industries, harbored such derogatory sentiments about these very industries, then is it any wonder our nation has had to endure a cultural depression for so long. This is the very hypocrisy that destroyed our film industry. As a result, we have lost out economically and artistically. It is unforgivable.”

 “If the people in charge had been sincere, where would our industry be today? What kind of employment opportunities and resources would our youth have? Would we still be reliant on foreign industries to fulfill our cultural needs?” said she.

Slamming the electronic media, which is just occupied in earning ratings, the actress maintained, “The episode shows the embarrassing direction of our news outlets and the people involved with them. Why did the host not challenge the inflammatory position by his guest? We need younger, educated faces to deliver a better and a more professional level of a product instead of chasing ratings driven by rubbish that is served every night.”

Armeena deliated by stating, “If we are fighting for a new Pakistan then these attitudes belong in the past. Otherwise, there will be no change.”

Upon her post, twitterati also went ahead to give their comments. Some agree with Armeena whereas, others support Sheikh. Responding to the twitterati, Armeena wrote, “So do shaadis don’t have naach gaanay? Does that mean that everyone partaking in wedding songs and dances are K*****?”

The actress also went ahead for supporting and helping Syrian refugees while deliberating about the hypocrisy persists in this world. Moreover, she also raised her voice against cyberbullying and racial discrimination.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistani electronic media particularly entertainment side lacks maturity and professionalism and is running after ratings.

As a matter of fact, female anchors and hosts just endorse expensive attires and makeovers. They have nothing to do with producing fruitful content for public and hence, they are just disseminating vulgarity, which needs to be halted forthwith!

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Mahira to join forces with Humayun?



LAHORE: Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan’s latest movie entitled 7 Din Mohabbat In is running at the box office at the moment.

Meanwhile, the actress spent a short span chatting with her fans on Twitter as she is pretty active on social media these days.

While talking about her the mentioned afore recent venture, Mahira was asked whether she is gearing up to team up with veteran actor Humayun Saeed for another endeavour or not.

Responding to the query, the starlet posted, “Yes, Insha Allah.”

Mahira and Humayun last shared screen space in a movie titled Bin Roye, which went to the top of the chart.

The film was shot at various spots such as Karachi, Dubai and the picturesque Santa Barbara and San Francisco for more than two annum.

The narrative of the project revolved around a love-hate relationship amid Humayun and Mahira, who took the plunge with Humayun forcefully following the demise of his first wife, who was Mahira’s sister, played by Armeena Khan.

The chartbuster endeavour was co-directed by Momina Duraid and Shahzad Kashmiri.

Moreover, fans also liked the chemistry between both of the actors. Due to its huge success, the flick was later adapted into a TV drama.

Mahira was also seen sharing screen space with Bollywood King Khan SRK in Raees.

Later, she lent herself into a scandalous controversy pertaining to the alleged relationship with B-town Playboy Ranbir Kapoor, who is now spending quality time with his new girlfriend and Bollywood actress namely Alia Bhatt, darling daughter of celebrated director Mahesh Bhatt.

Grapevine Bollywood: What’s cooking amid Ranbir and Mahira?

i) If the grapevine is to be considered, Bollywood playboy Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan are getting along well for quite some time. There have been innumerable New York rendezvous snaps of both of the actors surfing around the internet, which insinuates there is something fishy fishy. On the other hand, Ranbir in his latest interview revealed that he feels amazing to be single (ready to mingle) for the first time. Is he keeping his status single waiting for the Pakistani actress? Well, his fresh pictures with Mahira have raised many eyebrows. Not to mention that internet trolls have left a raft of messages regarding their alleged relationship online. Their first interaction? If the online reports are to be considered, Ranbir got the first glimpse of Mahira at a foreign party. Mahira’s Humsafar co-star and Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan introduced him to the actress and the things started getting heated up since then. In a recent instance, the actors shared their pictures in which both of them donning the same a red and black checkered shirt. What a coincidence, isn’t it? Not to mention that the rumours of their alleged relationship are sweeping around both industries like a wildfire. However, no official announcement has been made yet. It is an open secret that B-town playboy has a history of dating innumerable mystery women including known actresses Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. He loves to enjoy private parties harbouring his close pals and celebrity duos. Who knows when Ranbir falls in love with whom?

Bollywood Grapevine Alert: B-town playboy Ranbeer dumps Mahira for Alia!

 ii) So B-town playboy Ranbeer is done with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan as that’s what was expected, isn’t it fans? Sources privy to have exclusively reported that both of the actors have parted their ways and the reasons are yet to be known. However, all of us do know about the playing habit of Bollywood’s Ranbir, don’t we? In this context, a statement reads: “Their friendship has fizzled out. Ranbir and Mahira will always remain cordial but that’s because of the kind of people they are”. Mahira and Ranbir have never admitted that they were in a relationship and tend to bite their tongues but what added fuel to fire were their leaked snaps from New York, Dubai, and London that went viral. In one instance, when Mahira was asked if she was in love, the actress beamed: “No, actually. No, I have been, I was. Now, I realize that love is peace. Love is when you are with somebody and its okay and you don’t have to talk. Their presence is important.” Do these words insinuate towards their break-up? We all are old enough to understand, aren’t we? But wait, has something more interesting to reveal! According to our sources, now seasonal lover boy is all set to be lovey-dovey with another Bollywood actress namely Alia Bhatt. If the online reports are to be considered, the duo spent their New Year’s Eve in Israel. Romantic, isn’t it? Not to mention that Ranbir considers Alia as the brightest actress of this generation. Well, Ranbir! that sounds too cheesy!(Published on 20th of January 2018)



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In Iraq, Angelina Jolie calls for focus on conflict prevention



ARBIL: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie called today for a larger focus on conflict prevention rather than responding to its repercussions, during a visit to Iraq with the UN refugee agency.

“I hope that we can find the strength to find a better way forward together: so that we move into a new era of preventing conflict and reducing instability, rather than simply struggling to deal with its consequences,” Jolie told a news conference at the Domiz refugee camp in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region. It was Jolie’s third visit to the camp as UNHCR special envoy, after previous visits in 2012 and 2016. The Domiz camp opened in 2011 and is home to 40,000 Syrian refugees who fled the seven-year civil war across the border.

“When UNHCR’s Syria response was only 50 percent funded last year, and this year it is only 17 percent funded, there are terrible human consequences,” Jolie said. “We should be under no illusion about this,” she added. Late last month, the UN made an “urgent and critical” appeal for donations to its main budget for Syrian refugees after contributions pledged in April failed to trickle in. “When there is not even the bare minimum of aid, refugee families cannot receive adequate medical treatment, women and girls are left vulnerable to sexual violence, many children cannot go to school, and we squander the opportunity of being able to invest in refugees so that they can acquire new skills and support their families,” she said.

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