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The interior of Sindh!




SUKKUR: Oh great you think. Another article regarding the wonders of Sindh and how you, as the reader should get up off your chair and travel. You’re half right here, since every article starts off like that but why should we follow a pre-determined rule.

Why not do something different occasionally. Right!

First things first, if you go by car, make sure that you have multiple people who can drive and an abundance of snacks. The route to Sukkur is 8 hours with light traffic, so make sure that music blares in the car and your passengers are decently distracted throughout.

The second advice of importance is, never ever make the mistake of not looking outside. As a passenger, if you’re a foreigner visiting Pakistan or a Pakistani it is your duty to know and see the potentials that are present in Pakistan and try to make a difference. The landscape, even if travel by train or plane is taken, is a wonder.

If you’re lucky you might see gur (brown cane sugar) being made. A wonder, despite the price being high you should get a decent amount since the stores in Pakistan will not sell you the original stuff.

When you reach Sukkur the first thing you will see is the Sukkur Barrage. A barrage that holds a great volume of water from the Indus River. A sight that depicts a great deal of activity.

Also present in Sukkur is a very old Hindu temple, a sight to see due to the architecture and the spiritual presence.

As you move away from Sukkur you come across areas unique for very few sights such as Jacobabad.

Jacobabad is well known due to a clock built by Brigadier-General John Jacob (an officer of the British East India Company who served in colonial India for the major portion of his career).

This clock is famous due to its ability to tell the time in both Pakistan and in London at the same time and is the only clock in the world able to do so.


At a time drive away of 3 to 4 hours is Mohenjo-Daro now being preserved with UNESCO’s help. A wonder to behold as the architecture is still one of the greatest to be uncovered.

You wonder how do the people irrigate, maintain and then harvest acres of crops, along with the fact that if previous generations of people without the technological advancements of today made such awe-inspiring buildings. You wonder as a human being, just what your potential is and why you aren’t trying to achieve it really.

Forgive the ramblings of the writer; he tends to distract himself from the moulds of the present society.

Back to our topic, the reason you, the reader, chose this article to read despite everything. There is a multitude of sights and historic wonders in Pakistan but the reason we don’t want to see them is simple: They’re not maintained. Would you look at a thousand-year-old clay pot, yes you would.

However, you would be more inclined to see the same clay pot if there were a copy of it made and the original maintained.

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PPPP leader Ayaz Soomro passed away in Manhattan



MANHATTAN: Advocate Ayaz Soomro, who was NA member and belonged to PPPP died here today in a hospital due to cardiac ailment at the age of 59.

Son of a primary school teacher Soomro acquired a law degree from Sindh University (Jamshoro). He was elected member of Sindh Assembly twice (2002 & 2008) before becoming a member of NA in 2013, always from Larkana where he lived. As a lawyer too he was elected member of Supreme Court Bar from the same city.

This scribe once traveled with Soomro from Larkana to Karachi. At Karachi airport he refused to board an awami bus and introduced himself as a minister since nobody recognized him. Later he did board the awami bus to go to the terminal.

Earlier at Larkana airport’s tiny VIP lounge a guy was introduced to him who wanted to be posted at that airport. Soomro called somebody for his posting who probably agreed to place the person at Larkana airport. In return that charlatan faked expression of grief and started touching Soomro’s feet and knees, manifesting the unabashed way people beg for postings and lick boots.


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Sindh Assembly demands holiday on the day of Sooryah Badshah’s martyrdom!




KARACHI: Provincial Assembly on Tuesday, (6th March, 2018) has unanimously passed the Resolution moved by MPA Waryam Faqir.

By means of that the House demanded a Public Holiday be declared on 20th of March in the Province of Sindh on the day of martyrdom of Sain Sooryah Badshah!

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Comrade Jam Saqi, veteran civil rights activist and politician from SIndh, is no more!



HYDERABAD: Leftist comrade and a human rights activist expired here today at the age of 74 due to kidney failure.

Saqi, who had served as the general secretary of Communist Party of Pakistan, was arrested during Zia dictatorship and later tried by summary military court in 1980s.

He had spent seven years in jail where he was kept in solitary confinement and reportedly beaten.  It is said that his first wife named Sukhan had committed suicide when she was told that he had died due to extreme torture behind bars.

After his release in 1988 Jam Saqi left Communist party and later joined PPP in 1991. One wonders what illusion exactly ‘comrades’ like Jam Saqi were running after: The so called Dharti Ma – for which they were struggling – had repeatedly been raped by the Sindhis themselves whenever they came to power.

Cities like Larkana and Nawabshah (hometowns of those found in the corridors of power for long) have not been transformed into Paris.

The so-called leaders had raped their Dharti Ma again and again. As a result while the masses languish in misery, the leaders’ wealth augmented manifolds before fleeing overseas.  

On the contrary, no matter how corrupt the rulers of Punjab are, they atleast have utilized (even if not all or for the sake of kickbacks) people’s money to ameliorate the infrastructure and living standards of the citizens.

Some took to the twitter to talk about Jam Saqi’s struggle for the rights of rights of the poor and the dispossessed:

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