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PFUJ stages sit-in at PEMRA Karachi office against moving of ARY transmission numbers.



KARACHI (Staff Reporter): Members of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) in the leadership of its General Secretary G.M. Jamali have staged a sit-in at Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) office here on Monday against pushing of ARY channel’s transmission at adversely last numbers.

Protesters have demanded the PEMRA officials to restore ARY sequence numbering to its previous positions within 48 hours; otherwise, PFUJ will launch a country-wide protest.

General Secretary G.M. Jamali while addressing the Chairman PEMRA Absar Alam said that being a senior journalist he should act impartially.

G.M. Jamali has demanded that Chairman PEMRA should either specify one policy regarding all the news channels otherwise resign.

The protesters expressed their concern by raising slogans like: “Restraint on Freedom of Press unacceptable” and “Restore ARY to its previous numbers” etc.

pfuj-protest-against-pemraOn the occasion members of PFUJ including Saeed Khan Baloch, Aajiz Jamali, Vice President KUJ Aijaz Ahmad Khan and ARY Bureau Chief Karachi S.M. Shakil also spoke.


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(VIDEO AND TEXT) VC Altaf Hussain all set to transform FUUAST into a world-class university!




KARACHI: Venue was the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) where journalists from all over the Metropolis converged to be part of a Presser addressed by the recently appointed (on 7th of December, 2017) Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. S. Altaf Hussain.

Speaking on the occasion he drew a parallel between a Mosque and a University and held that both should be equally revered.

He said that for him the students’ education and interests were of ultimate importance and any failing in this respect would not be tolerated.

Maintaining that teachers’ job was to edify and concentrate on research work, VC held that it was not appropriate for them to demonstrate on the roads and hold press conferences.

Pointing towards the ongoing agitation by teachers of the University, VC said that there were not more than 15 teachers involved in the manifestation against administration for their own agenda risking the academic future of thousands of the University students.  

Dr. Altaf Hussain, while elaborating that few teachers who are receiving hundreds of thousands of rupees under the tenure track system told that they also wanted to encroach upon the administrative posts instead of teaching.

He told that legally such teachers could not hold any administrative posts.

According to the VC Dr. Hussain due to inappropriate stance of such teachers students are continuously suffering, rate of admission is diminishing and the University is facing financial losses.

He said that as the VC of Allama Iqbal Open University for almost five years he had managed to transform the institution into one of the world’s best universities.

Dr. Altaf Hussain said that he wanted to act in the same dynamic way to ameliorate the standards of Urdu University as well.

He held that fearing the accountability and imminent transformation, ten to fifteen teachers were trying to create hurdles and pressurize the administration in order to protect their own interests.

Vice Chancellor, while warning those involved in politics of severe actions, assured the teachers and non-teaching staff that with their support the university would soon come out of the present tribulations and progress towards a brilliant future.


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SC: A.D. Khawaja to continue functioning as IGP, Sindh



ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar has stated that IGP Sindh A. D.  Khawaja would keep his post until the trial apropos his removal concludes.

According to details a three-judge SC bench has granted leave of petition of PPPP Govt in Sindh challenging the SHC order dated 7th of September to allow A. D. Khawaja continue as Province’s IGP.

The former PPPP law minister and a senior lawyer Farooq Naek, while pointing out that Constitution guaranteed provincial autonomy, has maintained in the petition  that federal government’s interference in respect of appointment and removal of the IGP violated the basic structure of the Constitution.

It is pertinent to recall here that since A.D. Khawaja was appointed the police chief of Sindh  by federal government a couple of years ago  (in 2016) the PPPP government has been trying to get rid of him. It has been the NGOs like PILER etc that managed to thwart its plans.


IG Sindh tells CM how police is being paralyzed as an organization


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(Video and Text) Karachiites manifest against commercialization of Zamzama Park




KARACHI: Venue was the Zamzama Park where a large number of Karachiites converged to manifest against its  imminent commercialization.

Talking to NPTV (Official Partner BBCNEWS), Aslam Sanjrani said:

“I retired from the government of Pakistan as a federal secretary. I’ve been chief secretary of this province, and I know the worth of an environment”.

Aslam Sanjrani, realizing that someone had to step forward to bell the cat, opted to step forward to advocate the right of the people.

He held that the Zamzama Park management wanted the walkers to find some other place.

He told that in order to discourage walkers and joggers the management turn off the light. He further informed that earlier old plants were destroyed.

Sanjrani said that there were plans to construct shops that would further deteriorate the degree of  traffic congestion.

“I know how important it was for president Musharraf to have taken this decision to convert this plot into park and this was his gift to the residents of this area, to the residents of defense,and adjoining areas.

“This is a park that caters to all segments of the society. Old people, young people,very old people like me, very very young boys and girls, they all come here. Disabled people come here,this is a family park, we don’t know who these people are but they’re family.

“They know us, we see them each day, they see us every day. So we are a family, we walk here, this is our park.

“Whoever thinks they own this place. They should realize there are 2 supreme court decisions against converting parks into commercial ventures.

“Here they are, one is if you remember the Jinnah Park in Islamabad, Mr. Kamran Lashari, he converted and gave a piece of that place to MC Donalds. He still can’t find a job. The supreme court was very harsh, and clear.

Yeh hamara park hai, we need this for ourselves. For our families. Those who want to do  a commercial activity here…should remember they are just the custodians of this park.

“The park belongs to the people of this area. Because it was a gift to the people of this area, how can they… once you give me a gift, how can you take it away.

“Yeh to hamaray culture main hi nahi hai. Yeh hamara gift hai, hamaray paas rehna chahiyai hai. Haan agar ham aap ko phir wapas karnai kai lia kahain tou aap bilkul lailain! Ham nai wapis nahi kiya hai, yeh hamari cheez hai”.

Other participants told that they had been visiting Zamzama Park to walk and jog for decades and its commercialization would deprive the region of the only green patch of terrain amid the concrete jungle.


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