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Outgoing US CG Grace Shelton celebrates  National Day and 70th year of Pak-US relationship!




KARACHI: Arabian Sea Breeze kept on hissing through the swaying leaves of palms in the majestic mansion of (outgoing) US Consul General Grace Shelton, who gave a red carpet welcome to karachiites here on Thursday (15th of February). She was celebrating the National/Presidents Day and the 70th anniversary of the Pak-US relationship.

Speaking on the occasion to the members of diplomatic corps posted at the Port City, crème de la crème of the Metropolis including educationists, journalists, artists, civil and military bureaucrats, the host stated: 

Honored guests and friends asalam-u-alaikum!

Thank you so much for joining us tonight as we celebrate our national day.

I would particularly like to welcome Chief Minister Sindh (Syed) Murad Ali Shah and Governor of Sindh Mohammad Zubair.

I’m delighted to welcome you all to the old Consul General’s residence for our tradition of celebrating National Day alongside Presidents Day.

I would like to thank everyone at the Consulate who has been working for months to make this event happen.

Organizing such an evening takes an excellent team, so thank you all!

I’m sorry to start out with some unfortunate news that Ambassador Hale fell ill at the airport in Islamabad today and so couldn’t fly down and was unable to make it here today.

He sends his apologies and regrets and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Turning to happier news and the reason why we’re all here today: this is a landmark National Day. In addition to celebrating America’s independence, we are also honoring 70 years of the strong partnership between the United States and Pakistan.

The focus of our partnership has remained consistent throughout our 70-year-partnership is our people. Together the United States and Pakistan have built better, safer and more prosperous lives for our citizens.

The United States has worked across Pakistani society to enhance Pakistan’s security, health and economic prosperity.

American assistance in the sphere of education has been particularly meaningful…The United States Agency for International Development has built 33 schools and is building or plans to build 73 more. (I’m looking at our colleague the  minister of education. Thank You!)

Education and professional exchange programs bind our citizens, the Pakistan US exchange alumni network now boasts over 25 thousand members, the largest of its kind in the world.

Over 2 thousand PhD and graduate students have participated in academic exchanges like the Fulbright Scholarship and the Pakistani government pledged $25 million to support the next generation of Fulbright Scholars and future leaders, evidence of a shared commitment to education.

The United States has partnered with you to supply healthcare to 8.8 million women and children in Sindh alone and trained thousands of new health practitioners.

American assistance helped vaccinate more than half a million children against deadly preventable diseases. Many people can now live longer and healthier lives. The United States has also worked closely with our law enforcement partners in Sindh and Balochistan to help police better protect themselves and therefore better protect Pakistani citizens.

We recently donated 5 thousand bulletproof vests to the Sindh Police and we provided 3 thousand bulletproof vests as well as 6 armored personnel vehicles to police in Balochistan.

So over 70 years we have worked together to better the lives of Pakistanis and Americans.

As most of you know I will be leaving Pakistan soon.

As a diplomat I’ve found this tour to be one of the most rewarding  of my career. Since I arrived in Karachi in 2016 Pakistanis – both inside and outside the city – have offered me incredibly warm welcome. The hospitality in Sindh has been unbelievable.

I’ve been fortunate to have seen, time and again, the tangible products of our enduring bilateral relationship.

Our 70 years of strong partnership is a foundation that represents tremendous opportunities to work together to build a brighter future for Pakistan, And I’m privileged to have spent 18 months, leading the team here in Karachi, doing exactly that.

From the deepest place in my heart I thank you for sharing your culture and your friendship, I will cherish my memories of Pakistan forever!Presentation of Colors! National Anthem of PakistanNational Anthem of USAHost addresses the ladies and gentlemen in the audience!Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah speaking on the occasion!(L-R) Consul General of USA Grace Shelton, Acting Consul General John Warner, Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah used a ceremonial sword to cut the cake on the occasion. Consul General of the United States of America Grace Shelton pose for the lens flanked by Editor NPTV M. M. ALAM & GS PFUJ G. M. Jamali!


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Missing persons: CJ summons DG Rangers, IGP, Sindh




ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has summoned the Director General Rangers, Inspector General Police, Sindh, provincial heads of intelligence agencies, at Karachi on June 24 at 12:00 pm. 

Chief Justice issued the orders during his visit to District Courts, Larkana where some people met him and complained that their relatives are missing and their whereabouts are still unknown, said a press release issued here by SC. Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar in his visit to District Courts met judges, lawyers and litigants there and witnessed court proceedings, inspected case files, observed court procedures and heard in detail grievances of people and hardships faced by litigants and lawyers and facilities extended to them in court premises.

He also visited judicial lockup and heard complaints and issues of under-trial prisoners. His took stock of overall performance of district judiciary and prosecution services. He also showed displeasure over the absence of prosecution lawyer in cases. CJ also directed the judges to decide cases expeditiously in accordance with law and asked lawyers to appear in cases regularly and avoid undue and frequent adjournments so that cases can be decided in time and prompt relief can be extended to litigant parties.
During the court proceedings, CJ questioned the judges presiding over the courts and pointed out the shortcomings and discrepancies.

Taking of notice of the issue, he asked the Chief Justice, High Court of Sindh and Registrar, High Court of Sindh to take action against the delinquents and incompetent judges in accordance with law, so as to ensure speedy justice to people. Apart from that Chief Justice of Pakistan also visited Government hospital Sukkur, Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana and Sheikh Zayed Women’s Hospital, Larkana and met the patients and heard their complaints and expressed his dissatisfaction over dreadful situation of hygiene and cleanliness in the hospitals and directed the concerned administration of the hospitals to improve it and address the complaints of patients so as to provide better health facilities to the patients.

During the visit to the hospitals, he observed many deficiencies in the services rendered to general public and therefore, taking notice of the dearth of services to general public, Chief Justice has directed Chief Secretary and Secretary Health, Government of Sindh to submit a detailed report about deficiencies and demands of hospitals, either of human resources, medical equipment or any other at the level of tertiary care hospitals and District Headquarters Hospitals overall Sindh Province by next 22nd July Monday.

Moreover, taking notice of excessive and unscheduled load shedding in hospitals, his lordship has directed WAPDA authorities to make hospitals free from load shedding so that patients can get better treatment. After all these visits, Chief Justice has observed that the apathy of the government is evident and reflects poorly on the pathetic state of governance in the province. He observed that all government departments need to put their act together in order to provide relief to the general public and serve them in the best possible way.

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Mastermind of Rs. 11.733b land scam sent to jail!




Mastermind of Rs. 11.733b land scam sent to jail

KARACHI:  Mohammad Ismail, who was nabbed by the NAB on Thursday in connection with usurping Rs.11.733 billion by means of illegal allotment of Karachi Port Trust Officers Cooperative Housing Society land has been remanded in judicial custody by the administrative judge of an accountability court on Friday.

The administrative judge while remanding the suspect in judicial custody till June 28 ordered that he may be produced on the next date.

According to details, NAB had filed a reference against the office bearers of the KPTOCHS and private persons for involvement in the illegal allotment of plots of the society located on Mai Kolachi Road.

In the said reference NAB has accused 23 people including society’s chairman, Ahmed Pervez Younusi, secretary Gulab Khan of allotting plots causing losses of Rs. 11.733b to the national exchequer. 

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NPTV Brand Envoy Amir Khan launches SBL



Amir Khan launches SBL

KARACHI: World Boxing Champion – Brand Ambassador of – has launched the Super Boxing League (SBL) on Thursday 21st of June here at a local hotel. 

The event is being supported by Bill Dosanjh, a British entrepreneur. It is pertinent to mention here that SBL teams will comprise of ten men and two women boxers and be named after Pakistani cities.

According to Amir Khan right training will help to produce more world champions. SBL is scheduled to be organized in association with Punjab Sports Board (PSB) and World Boxing Council (WBC) from September 28 to November 3 at the Amir Khan Boxing Academy in Islamabad.

The league, in its first season, will have a mix of experience and youth and will bring in talent across the featherweight 57 kg, welterweight 66.7kg, middleweight 72.57 kg, super middleweight- 76.2 kg, heavyweight unlimited and female super fly 52.16 kg categories.

A relevant piece published earlier: Role model to millions of people, World Boxing Champion Amir Khan, who won Athens 2004 Olympic Silver Medal for Britain at the age of 17, is a philanthropist outside the ring. In an exclusive interview conducted here, he held: “When I fought for these world titles it was very difficult.  Nothing in life comes easy. But one thing to the viewers is if anyone has any dream in life you have to work hard to achieve it. Don’t give up. Never give up in life. It is very hard to achieve what you want to achieve in life. But as long as you keep working hard, one day, you know, you will achieve your dream!”

Q: Tell us about your early days and life? AMIR KHAN: Early Days! I was born in Bolton, a small town in Manchester.  I was very hyperactive! I was very naughty at school! And the teacher used to always say to me:  “I am going to call your parents to school because you misbehave too much! They have to monitor you! Make sure you are OK!” So what my dad did – he took me to a boxing club. You know! Since then I started to behave in school! The teacher called my father and asked my father:  “What have you done to Amir? Because he is totally changed”. What boxing taught me was discipline. Because of that I totally changed the way I live; the way I treat people; how I respect people. And also I know not to fight, or not to mess around! Because I am a professional fighter now! There are so many people who look up to me. I am a role model to millions of people around the world. So I have to, you know, do the right things in life!

Q: Tell us about your experiences and the biggest achievement of your life? AMIR KHAN: Obviously, the biggest achievement was going to Olympic Games.  And then winning the world title. I was the first ever Pakistani to win the world title.  No one has ever won a world (boxing) title – been a Pakistani. It is a great honor for me to win the World Championship. It was not easy. It was very hard. I was a smaller guy. I was a younger guy. When I fought for these world titles it was very difficult.  Nothing in life comes easy. But one thing to the viewers is if anyone has any dream in life you have to work hard to achieve it. Don’t give up. Never give up in life.  It is very hard to achieve what you want to achieve in life. But as long as you keep working hard one day, you know, you will achieve your dream. But one thing about our young Pakistani children is they need to work hard. We need them to work hard and have focus and have an ambition. To have an ambition in life, to become the best.  That’s the only reason you will achieve something.  I will tell you about myself. I used to wake-up every morning and I used to be like: ‘One day I will become the World Champion!’ I used to always wake-up in the morning have one thing in my head: ‘I am going to become a World Champion! I’ll have my dream and I will have my ambition’. I kept training and training and now MashaAllah I am now in this position. I am World Champion now. I won big fights. I am a big name around the world, not only in Pakistan but in England, America, Europe. All over the world. So, it is just a great feeling to be in this position. And also I hope I’ll inspire more people. I want to inspire the young, the youth to do what I’ve done. Because Pakistan is a country which has a lot of talent.  But we have to now put them on the right path. We have to support them. So, all the people now have to support the children, tell them: ‘Look if you want to achieve something in life then go for it, we support you 100%. And that’s why I have come myself to Pakistan. So I can support people myself. I am going to coach myself the youth of Pakistan. I am going to coach them; I am going to train them; I am going to hold pads for them; I am going to teach them technique. Because I want Pakistan to improve in boxing.

Q: You have been to different countries like in Europe and America? Did you ever feel racism there? AMIR KHAN: No! You know, to be honest with you; I have never experienced any racial stuff, never. It is nice to be seen as a people’s Champion.  Wherever I go to, Europe: In Germany, England, France… I never ever experience any racism. People like me. Even in England, they say I am the son of England. They love me in England, that’s where I live.  The Queen always invites me for like the tea … So MashaAllah! I am in a great position. Where I am loved by so many people. I think it is not only because of boxing. I think it is about what I am like as a person. As a person, I am a very down-to-earth guy. I respect everybody. I treat everybody nice. And at the same time, you know, I do a lot of charity work as well. So people like the charity work I do.

Q: Tell us about your Charity Foundation. AMIR KHAN: I have the Amir Khan Trust.  And in the UK I have the Amir Khan Foundation. Basically, we do a lot of work. For example, when the earthquake happened, we were in Pakistan straight away, in Muzaffarabad.  Then when the floods happened, I went to Nowshera, Charsadda… And then when the APS school killing happened – the children.  I was there, at the APS School. One thing about me is I like to go there myself and see, and experience and help: When the floods happen, I give them clothing, I give them food, I supply clean drinking water. When the Earthquake happens, I supply clothing, rebuild homes. So you know! Allah has given me this big name. I want to utilize my name the right way. For example, helping the poor people, the right way. For example, collecting donations. Giving to charities and giving to poor people! (Published on 16th August 2016)


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