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London Mayor Sadiq Khan spends a busy day in the Walled City!



LAHORE: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spent a busy day in the Walled City after arriving from India through Wagah border yesterday (6th of December).

Khan, alongwith a delegation of British investors, called on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and voiced their interest in investment in CPEC projects.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister held that CPEC had opened new horizons of foreign investment in Pakistan.

Punjab chief minister said that the British investors should take full advantage of the ‘golden opportunity’ by investing in Economic Corridor projects.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said London would welcome as many Pakistanis as possible. When told that many visa applications from Pakistan were rejected recently, he countered that much more were granted visas.

Khan said London, that attracted the largest number of tourists in the world, was the capital of global education.

Holding that Arts and Culture were embedded in London’s society he told that every sixth job there was occupied by art creators.

London Mayor noted that Pakistan was an emerging market – not only for UK but also for the whole world.

When asked to name one thing that he liked the most about Pakistan, he replied  that  was ‘Pakistanis’ who he found very caring and loving.

Sadiq said he was proud that his roots are from Pakistan. He told his parents migrated to the UK some 60 years ago.

At that time, he said, they faced racial discrimination, as colored people were not allowed in many places and clubs.

He said the discrimination reduced substantially when he was studying. Now, he noted, his children enjoy equal rank in society, expressing the hope that things would also ameliorate gradually in Pakistan.




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Avenfield convicts Nawaz and Maryam arrested at Lahore Airport!



Avenfield Scam Convicts Nawaz and Maryam reach Abu Dhabi

LAHORE: The Avenfield convicts Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Safdar have been arrested by a three-member team of NAB officials here at the airport today around 9.15PM. 

Their passports were confiscated by the authorities and they were transferred to a chartered plane for onward journey to Islamabad airport where they reached in 40 minutes. 

From new Islamabad Airport, Nawaz Sharif was taken to Adiala Jail while Maryam was taken to Sahala Rest House – that was declared a sub-jail – escorted by different squads. 

Meanwhile, hundreds of PML-N workers (who converged at Lahori Gate and Allama Iqbal International Airport) were arrested u/s 3 of Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance 1960 and Elections Act 2017. However, no heavyweight has been taken into custody.

Avenfield corruption case convicts Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Safdar returned to Pakistan in order to file an appeal against the conviction, that was not possible from abroad. 

A relevant piece published earlier: 

Avenfield Scam Convicts Nawaz and Maryam reach Abu Dhabi!



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New dams, reservoirs indispensable: LCCI



LAHORE:  Chamber of Commerce and Industry here  (LCCI) today termed deadlevel of water in dams alarming and said that the country would be facing irreparable loss if new water reservoirs/dams were not built.

LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid said here that water storage capacity had gone down horribly and all those were responsible, who were opposing the important water and power projects. Pakistan is an agrarian economy and it cannot afford water dearth at any cost. But unfortunately, no strategy has been evolved to resolve the issue, he added. Malik said that country dependent on only two big dams including Tarbela and Mangla and it was a matter of concern that water storage capacity of the two dams had been reduced significantly and the situation would be more concerning with the passage of time. “Lack of reservoirs and water wastage are the biggest reasons of terrible water shortage in the country. Ongoing water crisis was a result of putting Kalabagh Dam into a dispute while previous year, around 12 million acre feet water wasted to sea that is equal to the capacity of two big-dams,” he maintained.

Malik Tahir Javaid said that Pakistan could hardly escape from becoming a desert, unless drastic measures were taken instantly. He said that sufficient availability of water was must for sustainable development but in Pakistan, the per capita availability of water was decreasing because we have water but not enough reservoirs for storage. With every passing year, Pakistan was getting close to the brink of mass starvation because of a drastic cut in water availability from 5,000 cubic meters per capita in the 1950s to 1000 cubic meters today, he said and mentioned, “As per World Bank analysis, our storage capacity has gone down to 150 acre feet. India has improved its per capita storage up to 200 acre feet which will get further better once under-construction dams start operating,” he maintained. Lahore Chamber’s President said that these facts called for establishing water reservoirs in the whole country which would enhance the capacity of water storage and the same reservoirs would come handy in case of low and medium floods.

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Rescue-1122 provides emergency services to 625 victims



Furniture retailers ask for compensation

LAHORE: The Punjab Emergency Service (PES), commonly known as Rescue-1122, provided emergency services to 625 victims of 873 accidents in the province during the last 24 hours.

The statistics show that 219 accidents were reported in Lahore with 242 victims, 88 in Faisalabad with 102 injured and 70 in Multan with 79 victims.

According to the data, 686 motorbikes, 156 auto-rickshaws, 85 motor cars, 55 vans, 20 passenger buses, 32 trucks and 103 other types of vehicles and slow-moving carts were involved in these accidents. 

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