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Listen to the silence, hearing nothing but the sound of your mind!




KARACHI: Bewildered by the noisy, distracting life, humans need to spend some time of peace and tranquility with him/herself!

As a matter of fact, rising noise pollution is taking its toll on individuals and its impacts are corrosive to health.

Lets learn about the importance of silence and how it affects our well-being.

Silence Releases Stress:

Yes, you have heard the true bit! Unwanted sounds could potentially trigger distress, sleep chaos, hypertension and even heart attacks.

Not to mention that blasting noise could snowball the levels of stress by releasing the cortisol hormone.

Whereas, silence on the other hand, can relieve tension and stress. A research concluded that two minutes of silence is better than soothing music to be relaxed.

Freshens Mental Resources:

These days, people have to perform many tasks in a single day, which results into making their attention resources worn out. As a result, they become tired and exhausted and are unable to focus on work.

Nevertheless, our brain can replenish its finite cognitive resources in the silent milieu. Be it professional and personal life, this helps coming up with creative ideas.

Lets Talk to Yourself:

As mentioned earlier, sometimes we want time to spend with our own beings. Silence leads us to the world of imagination and daydreaming about the future. It lets our mind wander. As a result, we tap into our inner thoughts, emotions, memoirs and ideas.

Rejuvenates Brain Cells:

It has been scientifically proven that two hours of silence every day could wreak the growth of new cells in the hippocampus, a major brain zone linked with learning, memory and emotion. 

Also, silence could prove to be beneficial for people suffering from depression and Alzheimer’s, which are connected with reduced rates of neuron regeneration in the hippocampus.

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Sigh of relief: A blood test could timely spot eight cancers!




SYDNEY: Cancer is a lethal sickness that leads its victims to the bite the dust sooner or later. Only those could survive whose tumors are diagnosed at the early stages.

According to Australian investigators now we can detect eight widespread cancers (ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, oesophagus, bowel, lung and breast) in the early stages via a new blood test. Also, this would boost the odds of survival of the victims.

While maintaining that it would be safe screening test, the study author from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, Jeanne Tie noted that this is the first sort of its test that gives promising results when it comes to diagnose eight sorts of cancers, which are accountable to take millions of life per annum.

Connoisseurs have been reiterating for so long that there is an urgent need of such kind of advancement that could spot cancer ahead of time. However, the novel blood assessment could detect tumor prematurely and the results are up to 70 percent promising.

Writing in the study, published in the journal Science, the pundits delineated that the blood test screens for major proteins and gene mutations that insinuate towards the existence of the tumors.

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Eight unhealthy habits that spoil your kidneys!




KARACHI: Kidneys wipe out waste from the blood. The main function of them is to control minerals in the blood while generating hormones, which in return, keep blood pressure under control and produce red blood cells. Nevertheless, individuals take it light when it comes to take care of their kidneys.

Keeping this in the view, is equipping its viewers with some unhealthy habits that can potentially cause damage to kidneys and those are:

Excessive Salt, meat and processed food consumption: Asians tend to in take too much salt. However, it escalates blood pressure and triggers kidney stones.

Besides, over consumption of meat could produce acid in the blood and if it exceeds its limit, that would be difficult for kidneys to wash off the blood. Also, the ingestion of processed food spoils your kidneys. 

Soda Ingestion: It has been scientifically proven that soda could potentially affect kidney function, resulting into mounting severe problems.

Imbibing Pain Slayers: People tend to pop out pain killers on a daily basis without knowing the harmful impacts of it. According to the experts, regular use of such pills could not only damage kidney but wreaks its failure as well.

Scarcity of Water: Water helps kidneys to function properly. Its paucity makes your kidneys more vulnerable to damage.

Extreme Workout: Yes, you have just heard the true bit! Exercising intensely could wreak scarring to your kidneys.

Heartburn Prescriptions: Use of such pills for a long period of time could impact your kidneys non-constructively.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol: Both are considered injurious to your kidneys. However, if you indulge in both habits, you are five times more prone to mount acute kidney injury.

It is pertinent to mention here if you feel symptoms such as cold, exhaustion, irritated skin, wooziness, nausea, bad breath, pain and changes in urine, consult with the doctor at once as these can be the warning signs of developing kidney chaos.

Not to mention that everyone can keep their kidneys strong by staying fit, drinking plenty of water, guzzling down balanced diet and staying away from unhealthy activities and habits.


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Militants shot two female polio workers, two cops dead in Quetta!



QUETTA: A mother-daughter polio-virus vaccinating duo was gunned down by unidentified militants when they were administrating polio drops in Shalkot area today.

In a separate attack earlier today, two policemen were shot dead in the Zarghoon Road area. Assailants in both the attacks bolted from the scene. 

It is pertinent to mention here that a mole disguised as a polio worker managed to get tissues of OBL family that ultimately enabled the Seals attack and kill him.

Hence Talibaan reckon the drops as: i) A facade for espionage; ii) an attempt to sterilize Muslims. 



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