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Legislators asked to review labor legislation, make them according to ILO standards



KARACHI: Members of Civil Society and Labor Leaders called upon the legislators of Sindh Assembly to review and amend all the labor laws passed by present assembly by making them compliant to ILO Conventions. They also urged the parliamentarians to frame a coordinated implementation strategy of the labor and human rights laws.

The labor leaders and civil society activists were speaking at a consultation with the members of Sindh Assembly organized by Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) at a local hotel.

Justice (Ret) Majida Razvi, Chairperson of Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC) presided over and MPAs belonging to almost all political parties in Sindh Assembly attended the meeting. Members of Sindh Assembly included Ms. Kulsoom Chandio, Saeed Khan Nizamani, Ameer Hyder Sheerazi, Diwan Chand Chawla, Ms. Saira Shahliani, Saeed Khan Nizamani ,Waqar Hussain Shah, Ms. Shahnaz, Ms. Rana Ansar, Haji Safi Mohammad Jamote, MPA.

Justice (Ret) Majida Razvi of SHRC said common people are suffering the most because of consumption of the polluted water and lack of healthcare facilities in the province. There is a lack of access to justice in the society, she added.

Karamat Ali, Executive Director of PILER said despite the fact Sindh Assembly has made record legislation in labour, however, their implementation is still a cause of concern.

It is encouraging that European Union has extended the Generalized System of Preference (GSP)-Plus scheme for Pakistan to export duty free products in the European market. It would have been unfortunate if this GSP-Plus was withdrawn, however, this is extended for the next two years.

All 27 international conventions pertaining to human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and good governance needed to be implemented. Karamat Ali asked the legislators to make the already passed laws compliant to ILO standards.

He appreciated the Sindh government for giving first-ever Labor Policy and holding the provincial Tripartite Labor Conference and said the EU’s review report has especially mentioned holding of Tripartite Labor Conference.  

The Sindh Labor Policy is in fact an election manifesto for PPP government and all political parties should include the points in the Labor Policy in their Election Manifestoes.

MPA from Pakistan Peoples’ Party Kulsoom Chandio said the present provincial assembly has made record legislation. However, he regretted that implementation of those laws is still is a major cause of concern.

MPA from Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Mohammad Rafiq Banbhan said agriculture workers are not getting the same facilities, which the industrial workers are  enjoying like social security and oldage benefits.

Habibuddin Junaidi said the provincial government of Sindh is seriousness in implementation on Labour Policy. He said minimum wages are fixed at Rs. 15,000 for unskilled workers, but unfortunately this rate is also not paid in most of industries in the province.

In her presentation, senior research Ms. Zeenat Hisam said that most of Pakistani labour laws are not compliant to the international conventions. She said Process of provincial law-making is slow, restrictive clauses have been retained in several laws and tripartite consultation is reported but feedback not always accommodated.

Ms. Zeenia Shaukat gave an overview of human rights situation in Pakistan. She said enforced disappearance cases have increased in recent years but the government is denying. Freedom of expression, right to association and assembly are severely curbed. Media is restricted and new cyber legislation is anti-right of expression. Misuse of Blasphemy law is reported and minorities are considering themselves unsafe in Pakistan.

Human Rights activist Zulfiqar Shah from PILER gave a presentation about GSP-Plus and its compliance in Pakistan. He suggested to initiate oversight of relevant ministries and institutions, follow up of periodic reporting  and compliance to observations /recommendations, budget allocation for the human rights institutions like SHRC and create a debate on human rights reforms agenda.

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Civil society pays rich tribute to Jam Saqi!



KARACHI: Arts Council was the venue where senior political and socialist leaders, civil society, human and labor rights activists converged today to pay tribute to late comrade Jam Saqi at a reference.

Speaking on the occasion former chairman Senate Raza Rabbani lauded the role of Jam Saqi. He said that the establishment was trying to abolish 18th Amendment. He paid tribute to all political leaders who got passed the 18th Amendment: “Don’t open this Pandora’s box. Don’t add new factor of terrorism to already beleaguered society in Pakistan,” he remarked.

According to Raza Rabbani any judicial or military martial law will be harmful to the country as in the past all dictatorships had bad effects on Pakistan. Main Raza Rabbani pointed out that despite the fact education and health are provincial subjects, the federal government does not allow the provinces to make change in curriculum. 

Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo observed that Jam Saqi remained committed to the democracy. Shah Mohammad Shah held that Jam Saqi remained committed to rights of poor’s and he was a true Democratic leader. Rasheed A. Razvi said Jam was a beacon of light for students, labor and political workers. 

Dr. Riaz Shaikh said Jam Saqi had spent his entire life for poor people and struggled for unity of the nation. Terming Jam Saqi a man of principles Zahida Hina stated that he even resigned from Communist Party. He continued his struggle for people, he joined PPP but he was not satisfied with the party. In last days he was inclined to mysticism.

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Cricket legend Sir Viv Richards welcomed by Administrator DHA Kr. Brig. Shahid Hasan Ali at Moin Khan Academy



KARACHI: Sir Viv Richards, legendary West Indian cricket star, who is presently coaching the Quetta Gladiators, was welcomed by Administrator DHA Brigadier Shahid Hasan Ali here at Moin Khan Academy on the occasion of Pakistan Resolution Day. 

As karachiites were given access to the legend, people – particularly children – grasped at the occasion to get themselves photographed with the legend and get his autographs. 

This is an encouraging sign for Port City where peace is returning after a prolonged episode of lawlessness. With the holding of PSL final here Karachi has manifested its fortitude to regain its title City of Lights. 


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(VIDEO AND TEXT) French CG Didier Talpain may organise a musical event for charity!





KARACHI: Venue was the patio of French Cultural Centre (Alliance Française de Karachi – AFK) where francophiles converged to celebrate Soiree Franco-Swiss. Director AFK Monsieur Gilles Pascal invited the Consul General of Switzerland Monsieur Philippe Crevoisier with whom the evening of the film was organized to speak on the occasion.

Swiss diplomat said: ” Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. The colleagues of the counselor corps, the friends of the French Language. It is a great pleasure for Switzerland and me to be here as guest of Alliance Française tonight. Thank you very much to Alliance for allowing us to collaborate on this movie evening.

“Before speaking on the movie I just wanted to let you know to remind you what is francophone and what is francophonie week every year we celebrate this event along francophonie. French is a language; it became francophonie through the cooperating of all the countries and affiliated countries who became member of the International Organization of the Francophonie in 1970. 

“Now-a-days this International organization has 84 members. French is spoken by 275 million people around the world. This makes it one of the biggest linguistic areas around the world.

“We are very happy every year to celebrate this francophonie. For Switzerland francophonie is a special matter because we have three official languages in Switzerland. We are happy to celebrate francophonie in March. We are happy to celebrate German language as well in the year as well as the Italian Language. But tonight we are speaking about the French Language.

About the movie I can tell you it is French-Swiss collaboration. This movie is an animated movie which was nominated for an Oscar two years ago (I believe): did not win the Oscar but it is very interesting movie even if we would consider

Addressing the ladies and gentlemen in the audience newly arrived Consul General of France Monsieur Didier Talpain highlighted the importance of French Language.

 Later animated movie Ma vie de Courgette was screened.


Speaking exclusively to (official partner BBCNEWS) Consul General of France Monsieur Didier Talpain said:

Importance of Francophonie Day:

This is something important. Because this is the moment where we celebrate this community, you know, of francophonie people. Which are of course the people being linked by language. But I think…even by more things. I mean by common vision, pluralism, importance of human rights and all these kind of things. Which is why we every year make a sort of celebration all over the world.

French is spoken in how many countries?

…globally 84 countries, or let’s say regions … if I’m not wrong 274 million people are French speakers all over the world, over the 5 continents.

You have recently been posted at Karachi:

I just arrived 3 weeks ago to Pakistan. I’m a professional diplomat. I’m not a specialist (not yet) of Asia. I’m a specialist of Central Europe because I was posted a few times in Central Europe.

But for this new post I’ve decided to do something different…I’m specialized in… cultural things as well because I’m a man of culture.

Please tell our audience about yourself

I’m from Eastern France. I was born near the Swiss-German border…I spent my youth there, let’s say.

But before my arrival I was working in the opposite path I mean Western France. A city called Nord, I just arrived from Nord…I’ve been posted in France that’s why I’ve arrived from Nord.

And before, you know because of the specialty of Central Europe I was posted in Poland, in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and in Greece.

What do you plan to do during your tenure here?

 Oh my plans. You know the first thing is to learn, to see how things in the city are. People are very friendly, and this is my first comment in three weeks.

Then we’ll see, as it is my job, to develop the Franco-Pakistani links you know in every matter especially business. But not only in just that because there are already a lot of French firms with business in Pakistan. I mean in the region of Karachi. I’m responsible for Sindh and Balochistan.

So we’ll try to improve this and maybe as well as you told me, as well as you proposed to me your idea a few minutes ago. A bit of French culture…

You are also a conductor of classical music?

… I make studies…with my normal studies in political, economics, etc. I make studies of music and I’m currently a conductor specializing in classical music of course in opera…I like opera a lot. I used to conduct in many cities in many operas, in the world. This is my favorite thing … the last recording and concert I made two months ago was a piano concerto…

Would you like to organize a musical event for charity?

Yes it’s a very good idea; I hope we’ll see with Gilles Pascal the new director of Alliance and with our friends from the other Embassies. We deal with culture as well, what we can do, how we can promote this. …but probably yes!




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