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Karachiites to endure 12-hour water-outage on Monday (16th of October)!




KARACHI: In today’s fast-pacing world, Nuclear-Pakistan is among one of those countries that fail to provide many basic amenities, such as electricity and water, to its citizens.  

Sources privy to have informed that on Monday 16th of October, 2017, the supply of water to this port city would be blocked for around 12 hours due to unknown reasons.

Unfortunately, Karachiites will have to bear the brunt of this water paucity in such an extreme and wild weather!

Pakistan is at the verge of experiencing water scarcity: WWF

Director General WWF-Pakistan Hammad Naqi Khan, while addressing a presser here on Tuesday (10th of October), noted that Pakistan is on the verge of experiencing water scarcity!

Noting that people here are going through the issue of lack of access to potable water, DG WWF pointed out that non-availability of drinking water is spiking both in rural and urban districts of Pakistan.

Despite presence of laws regarding disposing industrial waste after proper treatment, (particularly) textile and leather industries dump industrial effluents harboring heavy metals (copper, chromium, and nickel).

Stressing that concerned authorities must ensure continued access to safe drinking water to the population, DG WWF further reiterated that industries should find out appropriate ways to dispose-off solid and liquid waste.

The media briefing session was conducted by WWF-Pakistan under the banner of a six-year long project labeled International Labor and Environmental Standards Application in Pakistan’s Small and Medium Enterprises.

The development intends to maintain international labor and environmental standards in Pakistan as to improve the capability of the public sector to employ Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and national environmental laws and standards in Pakistan.

Also, it endeavors to make sure that the textile and leather sector take on Smart Environmental Management Practices (SEMPs) so as to use water and power resources proficiently while diminishing the use of detrimental chemicals up to 15 to 20 percent.


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(Video and Text) Karachiites manifest against commercialization of Zamzama Park




KARACHI: Venue was the Zamzama Park where a large number of Karachiites converged to manifest against its  imminent commercialization.

Talking to NPTV (Official Partner BBCNEWS), Aslam Sanjrani said:

“I retired from the government of Pakistan as a federal secretary. I’ve been chief secretary of this province, and I know the worth of an environment”.

Aslam Sanjrani, realizing that someone had to step forward to bell the cat, opted to step forward to advocate the right of the people.

He held that the Zamzama Park management wanted the walkers to find some other place.

He told that in order to discourage walkers and joggers the management turn off the light. He further informed that earlier old plants were destroyed.

Sanjrani said that there were plans to construct shops that would further deteriorate the degree of  traffic congestion.

“I know how important it was for president Musharraf to have taken this decision to convert this plot into park and this was his gift to the residents of this area, to the residents of defense,and adjoining areas.

“This is a park that caters to all segments of the society. Old people, young people,very old people like me, very very young boys and girls, they all come here. Disabled people come here,this is a family park, we don’t know who these people are but they’re family.

“They know us, we see them each day, they see us every day. So we are a family, we walk here, this is our park.

“Whoever thinks they own this place. They should realize there are 2 supreme court decisions against converting parks into commercial ventures.

“Here they are, one is if you remember the Jinnah Park in Islamabad, Mr. Kamran Lashari, he converted and gave a piece of that place to MC Donalds. He still can’t find a job. The supreme court was very harsh, and clear.

Yeh hamara park hai, we need this for ourselves. For our families. Those who want to do  a commercial activity here…should remember they are just the custodians of this park.

“The park belongs to the people of this area. Because it was a gift to the people of this area, how can they… once you give me a gift, how can you take it away.

“Yeh to hamaray culture main hi nahi hai. Yeh hamara gift hai, hamaray paas rehna chahiyai hai. Haan agar ham aap ko phir wapas karnai kai lia kahain tou aap bilkul lailain! Ham nai wapis nahi kiya hai, yeh hamari cheez hai”.

Other participants told that they had been visiting Zamzama Park to walk and jog for decades and its commercialization would deprive the region of the only green patch of terrain amid the concrete jungle.


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Katas Raj Temple’s drying pond and missing statues irks SC!




CHAKWAL: Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan hearing a suo motu case (based on media reports) on the drying of the sacred Katas Raj Temple pond today has ordered Bestway Cement in Chakwal to fill the pond up within a week.

Three-member Bench was told that the pond was drying up because a number of cement factories (including Bestway Cement Factory, Ghareeb Wall Factory and DG Khan Cement) were severely reducing the sub-soil water level by sucking it through tube-wells.

Terming the existence of cement factories in the area as destructive, Court asked provincial Govt. to inform under what conditions their construction was allowed.

Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) advocate maintained that former chairman Asif Hashmi was responsible for the debacle.

The concerned authorities have also been asked to provide details about environmental pollution the sucking of water by these had factories caused.

When yesterday, ETPB told the Court that idols of Lord Ram and Hanuman had been removed from the Temple complex following the 1992 Babri Mosque demolition Court while expressing concern over the absence of the statues queried: “Do the authorities even have the idols or have they been displaced?”

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One Planet Summit in Paris: Trillions of dollars needed to achieve Paris Agreement’s goal!



PARIS: To a certain extent, retaliating to Trump’s proclamation in the month of June that he would pull America out of Paris Pact, UN, World Bank (WB) and French President Emmanuel Macron persuaded 60 world leaders to converge here (Tuesday, 12th of December) to attend One Planet Summit.

Speaking on the occasion French President warned: “We’re in the process of losing the battle…In 50, 60, 100 years from now there will be leaders from 10 or 15 countries that will no longer be with us, they will have disappeared along with their populations.”

 Yesterday Macron awarded 18 climate scientists (most of them in USA) multi-million-euro grants to relocate to France for the rest of Trump’s term. Make Our Planet Great Again grants are part of Macron’s efforts to counter Trump on the climate change front.


Those who met here today (two years after signing global warming related pact), held that trillions of dollars were required to avert the worst-case-scenario.

Trump was not invited to the summit as he had earlier proclaimed that US was planning to pull out of 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump holds that the deal was bad for the country and jobs. He has embarked on a slow withdrawal from now until 2020.

Commenting on Trump’s stand apropos Paris Climate Agreement, former secretary of state John F. Kerry pointed out that unlike their president, American people did not pull out of the Accord. “38 states have legislation pushing renewable energy and 90 major American cities support the agreement”, Kerry told. 

But, sans US president, the nations and business leaders pledged their commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The European Commission announced $10.56b in climate change funding to give the Paris accord a boost.

WB, saying that it would phase out most of its finance for oil & gas by 2019, proclaimed it would join forces with the Global Covenant of Mayors to provide $4.5 billion for cities to adapt to climate change challenges.

In order to protect the poor farmers in developing countries from the devastation from global warming, Bill Gates Foundation will provide them US $ 300m over the next three years. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the savants want to keep global warming below two degrees C that will cost trillions of dollars. 


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