Diabetics need to take extra care of their feet during winter

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KARACHI: Plummeting mercury brings serious predicament in tandem for diabetics.

For instance, uneven flow and nerve damage could trigger foot troubles.

Winters wreak wetness between the socks, feet and toes, which can then structure micro-organisms that could trigger contagion.

Towel-dry Feet: Bearing this in mind, experts suggest that diabetics should change damp socks and towel-dry their feet (particularly the zone amid their toes) as much as they can.

Besides, they should keep their feet moisturized on a daily basis so as to thwart their skin from itching and cracking. Nevertheless, do not apply moisturizer in the middle of the toes as this could cause a fungal infection.

Numbness Owing to Neuropathy: Due to the numbness generated by neuropathy, diabetics cannot feel the burning sensation on their feet. Therefore, they can undergo second or third-degree burns, which can lead them to severe foot issues.

Moisture-Wicking Socks: Diabetics should also shun the use of electric blankets, heated shoe inserts and heating pads etc. In addition, ahead of taking a bath, they should always check the temperature of water by means of hands or a thermometer to ensure it is not too hot.

However, in order to keep their socks dry and warm during cold weather they should put on moisture-wicking socks.

Experts also urged that people with diabetes should get their foot analyzed regularly by a healthcare provider.

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