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Armeena pans Johnson for ridiculing burqa!



Armeena pans Johnson for ridiculing burqa

LAHORE: British-Pakistani actor Armeena Khan, who is known for being outspoken, yet again calls out ex British foreign secretary Boris Johnson upon his disparaging remarks against women who don the burqa.

Claiming that those ladies, who put on burqas, look like letterboxes, Johnson further went on to compare them with bank robbers.

Responding to his derogatory thoughts, the actress took to Twitter and wrote: “Yet another privileged middle-aged bloke telling women what they can and can’t wear. If a woman wants to wear a burqa it’s her right Mr. #BorisJohnson it is her RIGHT to choose which goes hand in hand with British values.”

“If a woman wants to wear a short dress, it is her right and freedom to do so. If a woman wants to wear a burqa it is her right to do so. I will defend the basic principle which is the right to choose,” added she.

It is pertinent to mention here that Johnson’s comments receive strong criticism, whereas, innumerable people including British Prime Minister Theresa May ask him to tender an apology over his offensive statement.

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Actress Armeena Khan calls out Sheikh for derogatory comments!

i) Pakistani starlet Armeena Khan is known for being an outspoken lady. Lately, the actress took to Twitter to pan chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed for using inappropriate language for the people belonging to the entertainment fraternity on live television.

The actor posted, “Who is this man? Why is he using such abusive language against the film industry? Why is such obscene language allowed on mainstream television?”

Criticizing the politician, Armeena further went on to say, “I am embarrassed for this man. I mean, how do you just sit there and make such statements without realizing the wider ramifications? Is he educated? What background does he come from?  In the UK, he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near public office. “

Armeena strongly backed up and appreciated the artists, who are professional and do a lot of hardworking, “What do you call selling the soil of your motherland to corrupt politicians? In the wider world, only the BEST, the most educated, the most talented can dream of doing what WE do i.e. being artists. Real K’s can only dream of this so what do you do? Dream or sell?”

Claiming that there are innumerable concerns for politicians to talk about on TV instead of giving derogatory comments against anyone, she held, “As a creative professional, I am left wondering if the politicians historically tasked with developing and supporting our creative industries, harbored such derogatory sentiments about these very industries, then is it any wonder our nation has had to endure a cultural depression for so long. This is the very hypocrisy that destroyed our film industry. As a result, we have lost out economically and artistically. It is unforgivable.”

 “If the people in charge had been sincere, where would our industry be today? What kind of employment opportunities and resources would our youth have? Would we still be reliant on foreign industries to fulfill our cultural needs?” said she.

Slamming the electronic media, which is just occupied in earning ratings, the actress maintained, “The episode shows the embarrassing direction of our news outlets and the people involved with them. Why did the host not challenge the inflammatory position by his guest? We need younger, educated faces to deliver a better and a more professional level of a product instead of chasing ratings driven by rubbish that is served every night.”

Armeena deliated by stating, “If we are fighting for a new Pakistan then these attitudes belong in the past. Otherwise, there will be no change.”

Upon her post, twitterati also went ahead to give their comments. Some agree with Armeena whereas, others support Sheikh. Responding to the Twitterati, Armeena wrote, “So do shaadis don’t have naach gaanay? Does that mean that everyone partaking in wedding songs and dances are K*****?”

The actress also went ahead for supporting and helping Syrian refugees while deliberating about the hypocrisy persists in this world. Moreover, she also raised her voice against cyberbullying and racial discrimination.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistani electronic media particularly entertainment side lacks maturity and professionalism and is running after ratings.

As a matter of fact, female anchors and hosts just endorse expensive attires and makeovers. They have nothing to do with producing fruitful content for public and hence, they are just disseminating vulgarity, which needs to be halted forthwith! (Published on  22nd June 2018).

Actress Armeena to travel to Syria for giving donations!

ii) Israeli bombardment in Syria is getting out of control, resulting in the death of innumerable innocent people particularly kids on a daily basis.

In such delicate consequences, Pakistani actress Armeena Khan wants to travel to Syria, reported sources. 

According to the details, the actress herself wants to give donations and Zakat to refugees and children in the war-torn area.

The Janaan actress took to social media to share a snap of a child surrendering to a camera and wrote, “This broke my heart. I have been following this conflict for years and I finally, have had enough. It is time to do something. It is time to do what is in my hands.”

“I have decided to go out there myself to hand deliver donations, Zakat to the war-torn refugees and children of Syria. This is the holy month of Ramazan so start it off with a good deed.”

While urging the people to give as much donations as they can, the Bin Roye luminary further held, “Please donate generously as everything will be hand delivered by myself and the team.

The link is in the bio. I hope that you will do your bit in giving these poor children some hope in their lives. Thank you so much, please spread this as much as possible.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the actress has always raised her voice in support of Syrian refugees and gathered donations for organizations in the past too. (Published on 18th May 2018) .

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IHC turns down plea seeking ban on Donkey King release!



ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Friday dismissed the maintainability of a petition seeking a ban on the release of the film ‘The Donkey King’.
IHC judge Justice Aamer Farooq announced its judgment that was earlier reserved after an initial hearing on the petition.
The petitioner had sought a ban on the animated film and stated that it was ‘humiliating’ towards the Raja caste. At first, the IHC reserved its verdict on whether the petition is maintainable or not and then dismissed it.

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American theatres: Villain ‘Venom’ is box office hero!



LOS ANGELES: Superhero blockbuster “Venom” saved the day at the North American box office this weekend, pulling in an estimated $80 million in ticket sales, industry tracker Exhibitor Relations reported Sunday.
The film, the official launch of Sony’s Marvel Universe, stars Tom Hardy as a journalist who becomes the host for an alien symbiote that gives him superpowers.
The character is a villain in the “Spider-Man” comic book world. Despite being panned by critics, the movie comfortably broke the October opening weekend record by more than $20 million, according to Box Office Mojo figures.
In second place was another new release, musical romance “A Star Is Born,” which took in $41.25 million.  The third remake of the 1937 film of the same name, it marks the directing debut of Bradley Cooper, who stars as a musician who discovers and falls in love with a young singer played by pop superstar Lady Gaga.
Third place went to Warner Bros.’s “Smallfoot,” with earnings of $14.9 million in its second weekend. The comic family animation tells the story of a group of Yeti who come across a human, with voicing by Channing Tatum, LeBron James, and Danny DeVito.
Coming in fourth was last weekend’s champion, Universal’s “Night School,” whose earnings dropped nearly $16 million to $12.3 million this weekend.
The raucous comedy stars Kevin Hart as one student in a class of misfits working toward high school diplomas under the firm tutelage of Tiffany Haddish.
Fifth place went to Universal’s family-friendly offering “The House With a Clock in Its Walls,” which slipped from third place last weekend with takings of $7.3 million.
Rounding out this weekend’s top 10 were:
“A Simple Favor” ($3.4 million)
“The Nun” ($2.6 million)
“Hell Fest” ($2.1 million)
“Crazy Rich Asians” ($2.1 million)
“The Predator” ($900,000)

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New theatre comedy dramatises Brexit break-ups



LONDON: Friends shunned, lovers torn apart and emotions exploding: a new play running in London this month tackles the very personal divisions in British society caused by Brexit.
“People Like Us”, a tragi-comedy by the columnist Julie Burchill and novelist Jane Robins, asks whether it is possible to stay friends with people who hold opposing views.
The play was sparked by what the Brexit-backing writers felt was a social outcasting of Leave voters by more vocal, self-righteous Remainers — particularly in the fervently pro-EU London artsy circles.
“It’s what they call projection. Everything they accuse us of, they are: a small, monocultural clique,” Burchill, 59, told AFP.
“They call us bigots — but they won’t listen to us for a second!
“By projecting all their sins onto us, they are cleansed.”
Robins, 60, said she was invited to several Christmas parties in 2016, six months after the Brexit vote — and avoided the lot.
“I knew they would all be so miserable. Christmas wakes,” she told AFP. “Every single one was going to be Remainers moaning in despair — and they would look at me as the one to be blamed.”
Burchill’s stinging columns about Remainers’ “pathetic petulance” and the social backlash aimed at Leavers chimed with Robins. The two met via a mutual friend — and set about penning a drama.
They found rich inspiration in the aftermath of the referendum.
The vote was bitterly contested and led to relationship breakdowns, friends falling out and even inter-generational conflict between Leave-voting children and Remain-voting parents.
“People Like Us” centres on five friends in a book group and takes place around the 2016 Brexit referendum.
It features pompous Ralph, his self-righteous French girlfriend Clemence, fence-sitting eternal optimist Will, judgemental minx Stacey and her no-nonsense, wine-guzzling friend Frances.
Ralph, Stacey and Will are old mates from Oxford University. Ralph, Clemence and Will are Remainers, while Stacey and Frances are Leavers.
The setting is Ralph’s flat in Islington: the north London epicentre of right-on thinking.
The book group’s first monthly meeting takes place just before the Brexit vote and tensions are beginning to stir.
But afterwards, divisions surface and emotions boil over.
Ralph is consumed by “numbing, excruciating grief; with a top note of despair”, while for Stacey, Brexit was “a revolution I could witness” and the first thing that “actually made me feel something”.
The sniping from both sides culminates in a catfight. The book group breaks up, each side unable to bear the other’s attitude.
Though pegged around Brexit, the drawing-room comedy focuses on the boundaries of modern friendship.
“Now it’s like a mob mentality,” said Robins.
“Because we voted for Brexit, they think we’re evil.
“Brexit derangement syndrome is a real thing.
“What the hell’s happened to our society that we can’t be friends with people any more because of this vote? It’s bizarre.”
The play, which runs until October 20 at the 70-seat Union Theatre, sold out before it opened — much to the writers’ surprise.
Given the Remain-dominated atmosphere in the London arts world, they doubted the play would even get put on – and were prepared to stage it in the back room of a pub.
Now the writers hope to transfer to a bigger London theatre and take the play to the Brexit heartlands.
Robins said: “We really hope that people come who don’t generally go to the theatre because it’s alienating for them.”

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