Techno Breakthrough: An app that could treat people suffering from late-life depression



NEW ORLEANS: Another addition in the world of technologies! An innovative video game – app known as Project: EVO could certainly assist in healing oldies suffering from late-life depression as well as detect lurking concerns apropos cognition among them.

According to the details, the app is an in-person therapy modus operandi called Problem-Solving Therapy (PST) that works with phones and tabs. It is structured so as to recover focus and heed at a fundamental neurological level.

Those who used the app exhibit particular cognitive advantages like better frame of mind, concentration together with self-reported function.

It has been observed that persons, with an average age of 60 and above, going through late-life depression complain about focusing mess if it is the matter of accomplishing own ambitions.   The reason could be that their mind diverts on account of their agonizes.

One of the investigators from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Joaquin A. Anguera maintained that EVO was not meant to cure people with extreme depression.

However, it could ease those warning signs by recovering cognitive troubles.

So as to determine this, the panel tried out adults suffering from the said ailment. All of the participants have been picked out on randomized basis.

They have reported their up shots in the study published in Depression and Anxiety.


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