Shocking news for caffeine junkies! Too much consumption is bad for health


KARACHI: Since its winters, a lot of people opt for caffeinated drinks. As per the figures, innumerable individuals ingest caffeine on a daily basis around the globe.

Caffeine is a sour stuff located in coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocolate, kola nuts and specific prescriptions. It is also known to stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS).

You may also get rid of physical weariness and put off or cure drowsiness by consuming caffeine.

Furthermore, it also keeps you fit, advances focus and attentiveness. Health and wellness connoisseurs suggest consuming two to four cups of caffeinated beverages per day.

Otherwise, intense caffeine could trigger a variety of physical and psychological troubles.

If you keep on consuming too much caffeine, you could develop insomnia, headache, giddiness, irregular heart rhythms, hypertension, anxiety, stress, shivering, constant arterial stiffness, abdomen cramps, dehydration etc.

Cases of some studies have demonstrated that caffeine ingestion, throughout pregnancy, may also escalate the odds of having a low weight.

It has further been learnt that individuals with an average age of 40 and above should not intake tea or coffee following lunch so as to improve their sleep patterns.

Not to mention that caffeine is believed to be the most extensively consumed psychoactive drug that is officially permitted and allowed all through the world.

Besides, kids should not drink caffeine.

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