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OUP publishes a book that focuses on the role of Cricket as a bridge of peace within neighbors!  





KARACHI: When Shaharyar Khan was manager Pak Cricket team (1999 India tour and 2003 World Cup) he had penned a volume focusing on the role of cricket as a bridge within society like S.Africa and within neighbors like India and Pakistan.    

The reasons of winning of Pak team in India and losing World Cup have also been analyzed. 

Since Shaharyar Khan has been a senior diplomat besides being a cricket aficionado, he is quite capable of analyzing the role of cricket in bringing changes in masses’ behavior.

As an experienced diplomat and cricket enthusiast, Shaharyar Khan is eminently qualified to analyze the role of cricket in politics and diplomacy, and its influence in public attitudes.



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Two-week-long Karachi Biennale: Pakistan’s Largest Modern Art Event to open on Sun. 22nd of Oct.!




KARACHI: Karachi Biennale, largest contemporary art event in the country, featuring chefs-d’oeuvre of 140 national & international artists – at 12 venues all over the Metropolis – will kick start on Sunday 22nd of October & terminate on Sunday 5th of November.  

This was announced here today at a presser held at KPC. Those who addressed the media included Nilofur Farrukh CEO Karachi Biennale Trust, Ghazi Salahuddin Journalist and Literary Figure, Aquila Ismail Writer and Director of the Orangi Pilot Project, Amin Gulgee Chief Curator, and Patron KBT Karamat Ali of the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research.

The speakers told that art biennales, that are held in over a 100 countries across the world, had played an important role in transforming the perception of cities and it is hoped that by organizing this inclusive cultural activity in Karachi, KB17 will foreground the city’s vibrant art scene.

Local audiences will experience art from other countries and understand its vital link to life, like literature and music. 

The Karachi Biennale brings together innovation, excellence and criticality through a multiplicity of curatorial strategies that will strengthen a global art exchange.

It will showcase art from over 30 countries that responds to the KB17 theme ‘Witness’. The works of internationally renowned artists like Yoko Ono, Shahzia Sikander, Richard Humann, Michelangelo Pistoletto, ORLAN , Bani Abedi, Meher Afroz, Miro Craemer, Bankleer, and Ruby Chishti, among others. 

Public programming for visitors will include educational art activities for school and college students and tours that introduce general visitors to the works on display. 

The art exhibitions will take place at 12 venues from Karachi School of Art, the city’s longest running art school, to Frere Hall, the city’s first Town Hall. It has five venues located on MA Jinnah Road, which was once the cultural core of the city.

A series of conversations and lectures will feature Meher Afroz, Savita Apte, Saquib Hanif, Dr Marcella Sirhandi, Paolo De Grandis, Carlos Aceros Ruiz, Adriana Almada, and Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda.

Dialogues will be held at the ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre and the State Bank Auditorium.

Public events such as poetry and book readings by writers and poets like Nurul Huma Shah, Shakil Jafri, Natasha Japanwala, Kashif  Raza, and Spoken Stage are also a part of the program.

Frere Hall will be the venue for spectacular performative work by Jamal Shah, titled ‘Situation 101’, a sound and light Installation by Wolfgang Spahn, titled ‘Entropie’, and Dholi Taro (Drum Circle).

Weekend activities for families will take place at Frere Hall, NJV School on MA Jinnah Road, and ZVMG Community Centre in Dhoraji Society.

Parents and children can be a part of art activities like ‘Chaos Theory’ and ‘Ma Kay Hath Ka Khana’.

The Biennale offers two Art Prizes to participating artists: 

KB17 Mahvash and Jehangir Siddiqui Foundation Juried Art Prize that will be awarded to an artist whose work is selected as the most outstanding by a jury of prominent art professionals.

KB17 Shahneela and Farhan Faruqi Popular Choice Art Prize that will be selected by visitors through a secret ballot. Every venue will have ballot boxes where visitors over 18 years of age will vote for their favourite work of art. 

All exhibitions and programs will be open for public and there will be no entrance fee. 


(VIDEO AND TEXT) French Artist Guillaume Robert’s UP TO THE BIG EYE !


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(VIDEO AND TEXT) French Artist Guillaume Robert’s UP TO THE BIG EYE !




KARACHI: French artist Guillaume Robert while talking to has informed that he was invited here by Karachi Biennale and the Alliance Française de Karachi (AFK) to participate in an exposition featuring works of 140 artists from all over the world.

During his sojourn here Robert has created a piece of art on the rooftop of AFK that says UP TO THE BIG EYE.

KARACHI: Guillaume Robert said that there were other ideas too but due to time restriction this project was feasible. It insinuates an upward movement and could be deciphered in many different ways. For instance, ‘astonishment when pupils of eyes dilate’!


Informing that his major medium was film he told that he had worked in countries with coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea such as Bosnia, Algeria and Greece.

He is also screening one of his videos during the Biennale about a mini hydro-electricity-generating gadget in Bosnia. He said that also reminded the Yugoslavia war.

Guillaume Robert will also be presenting nine plans of watchtowers (mirador) the he had observed in Algeria. He said that the post of observation also reflects the theme of exposition ‘To Witness’.


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5 million visit website of ‘witch’ Savannah who claims to cure cancer by ‘black magic’!




NEW ORLEANS: Cancer is believed to be the worst disease of the ongoing century.

Experts go haywire when it comes to cure this lethal syndrome as it leads its patients to the valley of death sooner or later.

In such, a 46-year-old lady named Savannah from New Orleans has claimed to heal this deadly disorder via her black magic spell. Unbelievable? Believe it!

Claiming to be a ‘witch who can talk to Satan and his demons’, she further revealed that she has already helped many people.

In one instance, she asserts, she has even managed to cure a patient suffering from a brain chaos by means of a voodoo doll.

Savannah said she had not only saved her own grandmother’s life, who was going through a kidney failure but also healed a 23-year-old cop suffering from severe Stage-4 leukemia (in the US), by ‘arranging a pact with Lucifer’.

Explaining the procedure, she said: “One thing you can do for healing is to get a voodoo doll and bring that doll to life by making it in an image of the person you want to heal.

“Then you call out to your spiritual connection and ask them to look after the person. You can put different stones around the doll to make a protection vortex.”

While doing this, she also requests her coven to chip-in throughout the spell as according to her, group magic is enormously powerful.

Though medical sciences do not believe in such bizarre claims, Savannah’s website reaches over five million visitors.

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