Oldies should opt for one-hour nap following lunch: study


NEW YORK: For years, scientists considered sleep following lunch as bad for health. However, a novel study from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia here has contradicted that.  

Taking a nap for an hour after lunch could assist oldies to protect their memoirs, advances their capability to think visibly and to take decisions, the study claimed.

It has been scientifically proven that sleep plays a pivotal role in facilitating grown-ups to uphold their psychological function. Besides, it is believed to be necessary for aging people.

For carrying out the research, which was conducted under the guidance of author Junxin Li, the panel of academics here has analyzed approx 3,000 Chinese adults with an average age of 65 and above.

They have examined the impact of afternoon nap on their mental health. 

Their findings demonstrated that those who took an hour-long nap after consuming lunch had been reported with better health state as compare to those who did not take any nap.

As a matter of fact, people, who take no naps at all (including those who take shorter or longer naps), are four to six times more prone to have mental disability. 

On the contrary, health and wellness experts here have urged people taking seven hours sleep on a daily basis so as to keep themselves fit as a fiddle!

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