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“Jarvis”, all you need to know about Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence-imbued software

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence-imbued software “butler” — named Jarvis — is now in service, and even plays with his family, the company said.

Zuckerberg, who posted the briefed video of his software this week, took on the personal project this year, devoting about 100 hours to making a system inspired by the “Iron Man” film character Jarvis as a virtual assistant to help manage his household.

“In some ways, this challenge was easier than I expected,” said the founder of social networking app. “In fact, my running challenge (I also set out to run 365 miles in 2016) took more time.”

Zuckerberg further elaborated that he can talk to his AI creation through his phone or computer, and it can control lights, temperature, music, security, appliances and more.

“The software learns his tastes and patterns, as well as new words or concepts, and can even entertain his daughter Max, according to the company’s statement.

“When I tell it to turn the AC (air conditioning) up in ‘my office,’ that means something completely different from when Priscilla tells it the exact same thing,” Zuckerberg said.

However, the 32-year-old said that he has planned to continue improving his newly built software.

“AI technology would improve greatly in the coming five to 10 years,” he said, adding, “In the longer term, I’d like to explore teaching Jarvis how to learn new skills itself rather than me having to teach it how to perform specific tasks.”



Christian man in Lahore sentenced to death for sending blasphemous WhatsApp text

LAHORE: A Christian man living here has been sentenced to death for insulting Islam in his poem, a lawyer said Friday.

Nadeem James wrote a poem that insulted Islam and sent it to his Muslim friends on WhatsApp. One of his friends, Yasir Bashir complained to the police against James.

Taking action, Lahore police arrested the man and produced him before the court. He was charged in July last year.

“James was handed a death sentence by the court on Thursday on blasphemy charges,” defence lawyer Anjum Wakeel said.

“My client will appeal the sentence in the high court as he has been framed by his friend who was annoyed over James’ affair with a Muslim girl,” Wakeel said.

He said the trial was held inside a prison due to security reasons after local Muslim clerics had threatened James and his family. Court officials confirmed the sentence.

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Saudi IT ministry decides to unblock WhatsApp, Viber and Skype

RIYADH: Online video calling apps, including WhatsApp, Skype and Viber, will be unblocked in Saudi Arabia from next week, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawahah announced today.

“Negotiations with telecommunication service providers and related bodies are underway to enable customers to use the apps to make voice and video calls of the “highest quality”,” Al-Sawahah said in an interview.

“However, the usage of the apps will be heavily monitored by the government bodies and service providers,” he added.

The minister further went on to add that telecom companies will also be required to provide quarterly index of complaints filed by subscribers in order to ensure transparency.

The kingdom imposed a ban on the video-calling apps in 2013, after the government claimed that they “do not meet the regulatory conditions”.

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Peggy Whitson returns to Earth after spending record 665 days in space!


Astronaut Peggy Whitson has returned to Earth today after spending  a record-breaking 665 days in space on board International Space Station.

Peggy and her two crew-mates made a safe parachute landing in Kazakhstan at 2.30am.

This feat has distinguished her as the only woman ever to have spent this much time in space.

Moreover, at 57 she is the world’s oldest spacewoman and the only female space-walker with ten outings. 

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