Infants’ prolonged weeping: Should they be given gripe water?



KARACHI: You often find babies crying and crying for hours, which could be a tough situation for parents to deal with.

If this is the case, your baby might suffer from colic, a condition in which babies cry their eyes out for at least three hours a day.

The exact cause of this is yet to be known. However, experts claim that some babies are more sensitive to stimulation from the milieu. This over-stimulation triggers stress, which in turn makes them cry.

As to sooth infants, they have been fed gripe water for ages. However, parents should give it a second thought, reiterate experts.

Read the ingredients before buying gripe water. Pick out the one that is a mixture of water harboring only herbs.

As mostly the brands available are stuffed with harmful ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, gluten (wheat), dairy products, sucrose, even alcohol.

The mentioned afore ingredients could potentially mess with infants tummy and teeth. Also, these could wreak developmental chaos and allergic reactions.

It is to be noted that before giving gripe water to the baby, parents should consult with the pediatrician ensuring the reason of unending crying.

Also, let the baby consume water as it is, sans mixing it with breast milk or any other formula.

Experts connote that parents should try different remedies to calm the baby down. For instance:

  • They can swaddle them;

  • Apply gentle pressure to the baby’s tummy while rubbing the baby’s belly in gentle circular motions;

  • Formula milk can also be the reason behind their chronic weeping. Therefore, talk to the doctor;

  • Nursing mums should avoid consuming spicy food, dairy, chickpeas and particular veggies (cabbage, eggplant) as such could trigger colic in suckling child.

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