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Infants’ prolonged weeping: Should they be given gripe water?





KARACHI: You often find babies crying and crying for hours, which could be a tough situation for parents to deal with.

If this is the case, your baby might suffer from colic, a condition in which babies cry their eyes out for at least three hours a day.

The exact cause of this is yet to be known. However, experts claim that some babies are more sensitive to stimulation from the milieu. This over-stimulation triggers stress, which in turn makes them cry.

As to sooth infants, they have been fed gripe water for ages. However, parents should give it a second thought, reiterate experts.

Read the ingredients before buying gripe water. Pick out the one that is a mixture of water harboring only herbs.

As mostly the brands available are stuffed with harmful ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, gluten (wheat), dairy products, sucrose, even alcohol.

The mentioned afore ingredients could potentially mess with infants tummy and teeth. Also, these could wreak developmental chaos and allergic reactions.

It is to be noted that before giving gripe water to the baby, parents should consult with the pediatrician ensuring the reason of unending crying.

Also, let the baby consume water as it is, sans mixing it with breast milk or any other formula.

Experts connote that parents should try different remedies to calm the baby down. For instance:

  • They can swaddle them;

  • Apply gentle pressure to the baby’s tummy while rubbing the baby’s belly in gentle circular motions;

  • Formula milk can also be the reason behind their chronic weeping. Therefore, talk to the doctor;

  • Nursing mums should avoid consuming spicy food, dairy, chickpeas and particular veggies (cabbage, eggplant) as such could trigger colic in suckling child.


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Digital Revolution: 42% kids own their tabs, says report!




JAPAN: Savants on a daily basis reiterate that screen time is considered bad for individuals, particularly kids.

Nevertheless, a new report has revealed that around 42 percent children (8 years and above) have their own tablet devices.

So as to determine this, approx 1,454 parents have been canvassed in order to figure out how their kids use media. Their ramifications demonstrated that children tend to spend around 2 hours and 19 minutes with screen per day.

It has further been learnt that some 98 percent children live in a home with some sort of mobile devices and TV.

Experts also pointed out the rising trend to give kids their own smartphones or tablet in the study. Such devices are connected to wifi for playing games and using apps for educational purposes.

Some 67 percent parents, on the other hand, stated that their children use the tabs for educational and learning purposes.

However, they strongly opposed the idea by maintaining that parents should not give total control of these devices to their kids.

Connoisseurs further delineated that mobile would become the most important part of kids’ lives in the upcoming 10 years or so.

In another research, published in the journal Developmental Psychology, 3rd through 5th graders (aged 8 to 11 years) have been reported having TV or video games in their bedrooms, resulting into spending more time with media.

As a result, they were more likely to sleep and read less, which affected their grades in schools.

Also, such kids are highly likely to be exposed to more media aggression and tend to act more violently than children with no bedroom media.

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Can depression and anxiety cause migraine?




GENEVA: Excruciating migraine pain could be caused due to the consumption of additives like sweetener aspartame, salty & processed foods, hard drink or caffeinated beverages etc.

However, latest research carried out on approx 588 patients, asserted that recurrent migraines are triggered by anxiety and depression.

According to a study titled Headache, those people with poor sleep can come out with adverse depression and anxiety, resulting into mounting migraine.

Harboring on the subject, study’s corresponding author Dr. Fu-Chi Yang from Taiwan noted that their up shots strongly opined that sufficient medical treatment as to reduce headache frequency might push down the odds of developing severe warning signs of depression and anxiety among its patients.

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Want to stay healthy, live longer? Do household chores!




KARACHI: Be it house cleaning, mopping, washing clothes or ironing, ladies do not enjoy the household chores but we have to do that by any means.

What connoisseurs have discovered must be good news for housewives!

They asserted that household chores might help you in keeping fit just like exercise does. Not only this, but this might add years in your life span as well.

Academics have established that one out of 12 mortalities can be averted via doing just 30 minutes of physical activity:  either house-cleaning or walking to work five days a week.

So as to determine this, the investigators have been through the records of around 130,000 people, aged between 35 to 70 years, living in 17 different countries.

The contributors came from both poor and rich backgrounds.

Proving their findings on an international forum, researchers are of the view that bodily commotion could reduce odds of untimely demise and vascular ailment.

It is pertinent to mention here that the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests doing either 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week.

Unfortunately, approx a quarter of the world’s population do not fulfill this requirement.

Stressing upon it further, the lead study author from the Simon Fraser University in Canada, Scott Lear noted that the more people do physical activity, the less they prone to die prematurely or from the heart chaos.

Journal Lancet has run their ramifications.

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