Google identified as ‘serial privacy violator’ after making changes in policy: Report

CALIFORNIA: American multinational technology company Google’s recent move regarding the policy change has now resulted it in being branded as a ‘serial privacy violator’, said a report by The Washington Post.

“Consumer Watchdog and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse have now filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stating that Google had made changes in its policy in the said month in order to gain more data from its users,” the report added.


The recent move by the US search engine company has been branded as “highly deceptive” by the same consumer advocacy groups. The groups claimed that Google did not make it clear as to what had changed, which may have lead to plenty of its users blindly accepting those policy changes.

“Google has said that the changes were made after global testing hinting that a few users did know about the change,” they said.

The report further revealed that the company was also involved in a similar privacy-related incident back in 2011 that resulted in a consent decree with the FTC.


“Google was fined $22.5 million in 2012 after allegations that the search giant was discovered tracking users using Apple’s Safari browser,” it said.

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