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A game or a death trap? Blue Whale must stop in its tracks, warn experts!




KARACHI: Today’s youth love to accept challenges while performing interesting and adventurous tasks.

But what if your children would want to plunge into the wall of death as to complete the tasks of a game?

Yes, we are talking about the viral game namely Blue Whale!

  • What is this game about?

The Blue Whale Game is an online game that your kids can easily come across on Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Instragram, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Its popularity surges and catches the attention of many as the mortalities started reporting around the globe.

The victims have to complete different challenges (including self harm) giving by anonymous administrator throughout the period of 50 days.

Also, players have been asked to submit their snaps harboring the proof that the challenges were accomplished.

On the 50th day, the gullible teens have to take their lives as to complete the last mission of the game.

The said game looms over the parents by leaving them in great distress.

Around 130 deaths have been reported only in Russia and some 200 suicide cases have been reported in India.

However, incidents of attempting suicide have also been reported from Ukraine, Estonia, Kenya, Brazil, USA and Argentina.

On one instance, a student from Russian university planned to jump off a building to complete one of the challenges of the game. Luckily, his parents managed to save him.

On asking about the game, the victim told that he did not want to take his life but he was only fulfilling the task and that is what he had at the back of his mind.

Sources privy to have been reported that when the youth realize about the potential threats and danger of the game, they want to depart but are, in point of fact, threatened with dreadful consequences by the administrators.

It’s a kind of a malware that if the officials try to block the link, a hundred more can be created within minutes.

It is to be noted that Blue Whale is a peer-to-peer game, where one can merely play if the link has been sent by another user, which makes it hard to track.

  • What connoisseurs have to say?

Keeping this in the view, Health and wellness experts opine that children’s developing mind cannot put up with peer pressure as they are vulnerable and can be easily manipulated.

However, parents should edify them that it is completely fine rejecting to participate in trends that make them feel insecure or spooked out.

First thing first, Parents should talk and discuss with their kids while stressing that they should make their own choices instead of following the crowd blindly. Also, they should teach them the art of saying no.

Psychologists believe that parents should be alerted by noticing abrupt or extended isolation and mood swings in their kids.

Also, if there is a change in their pals’ circle, they should address the issue at once.

Keenly analyze what kids and teens are doing on social networking sites.

As far as the educational institutions are concerned, they can display warnings pertaining the potential threats regarding the game on their notice boards.

Besides, they should organize some counseling lectures within the premises.

Fortunately, no such bizarre cases have been reported here in Pakistan. However, officials and parents should keep their eyes peeled to be on the safe side!

P.S. It is pertinent to mention here that the game is now available in different names such as A Silent House, A Sea of Whale and Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM.

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Militants kill over 235, injure 100 namazis in a Sinai mosque



SINAI (EGYPT): A bomb and gun attack by militants has killed over 235 namazis converged at Al-Rawdah Mosque for Juma prayers in Bir-al-Abed, near Arish city here today.

According to details, following the explosion, gunmen opened fire at namazis who were leaving the mosque.

The militants were not only targeting armed forces personnel gathered there for prayers but at the ambulances too!

It is pertinent to mention here that they also target Sinai tribes reckoning them traitors and abettors of LEAs.

Attackers blocked escape routes by blowing-up cars. Due to resulting burning wreckage LEAs’ personnel failed to follow them.

While President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has called an emergency security meeting, Egyptian government has announced three days of national mourning. 


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FC thwarts attempt to bomb journalists in Peshawar




KHYBER AGENCY: FC here has defused a bomb attached to a vehicle carrying journalists. 

Magnetic explosive devise that was attached to the vehicle.


Sources privy to have informed that four  journalists belonging to local Media outlets were going to cover Torkham-Karachi rally featuring vintage cars. 

It has further been informed that one of the four journalists is working for foreign media. All of them are being quizzed by LEAs. 




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Suicide attack in Peshawar kills three policemen including AIG Police Ashraf Noor, injures six others!




PESHAWAR: An 18-20-year-old suicide bomber riding a motorcycle detonated 15-20kgs explosives near the vehicle in which policemen, including AIG Police Headquarters Ashraf Noor, were travelling today here near Zarghooni Mosque in Hayatabad area.

As a result AIG, his bodyguard and driver got killed, six others got injured, while the vehicle turned into an inferno.

Injured were taken to Hayatabad Medical Complex. Exact number of casualties is yet to be ascertained. 

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