Florida Airport shooter Esteban Santiago surrendered when he ran out of ammunition


FLORIDA (JAN 7, 2017): The man who had opened fire at Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, killing five and injuring eight, has been identified as Esteban Santiago.

The 26-year-old veteran of Iraq War, who  was hospitalized in December 2016 due to psychiatric issues, claimed in November last year that Government was forcing him to fight for ISIS.

According to details he moved from New Jersey (where he was born) to Puerto Rico with his mother and brother when he was two years old.  

 This is the building located in Anchorage (Alaska) where Esteban Santiago lived from 2014 to 2016 with his girl friend. Here worked for Alaska National Guard. This reportedly is the gun that Esteban Santiago loaded in the bathroom before starting the shooting spree. He surrendered only when he was out of bullets. Though he never had any history of PTSD he had his brother Bryan Santiago insinuated that he could have suffered a flashback from his time in Iraq.
File photo of the Iraq War veteran Esteban Santiago who claimed that the Government was forcing him to fight IS. 


Lone gunman shoots five people dead at baggage claim area of Lauderdale Airport, Florida

Lone gunman shoots five people dead at baggage claim area of Lauderdale Airport, Florida


FLORIDA (6 Jan., 2017): A lone gunman, 26 has shot 13 people at a Fort Lauderdale Airport here at 2.50PM in the baggage claim area. Sheriff office has confirmed that at least five have lost their lives.

According to the Florida Senator  Bill Nelson the shooter had been apprehended.

He had Military ID on him. But the Senator said that it was not clear if the identity was accurate and current. 

There have been reports that the shooter’s name is Sebastian who belongs to New Jersey.

Other unconfirmed reports have also insinuated that  there were 2 shooters. 



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