We Are What We Eat: Karachi Farmers Market prepares you for food sovereignty!


KARACHI: In order to raise awareness about the food hazards, a group of like-minded people has created an entity called Karachi Farmers Market (KFM). 

Providing a platform for responsible producers to have direct market access, KFM endeavors to give an opportunity to karachiites to eat better by fostering a local organic community.

Consumers are encouraged to buy fresh, locally produced, organically grown and naturally processed food.

Speaking to NewsPakistan.TV at KFM’s weekly Alliance Française (French Cultural Center) bazaar KFM’s Maheen Zia said: “The idea is that we all want to become healthier”.

Pointing towards prevalent diseases here she said that despite being an agricultural country we don’t have so much sustainably grown produce available for us to eat.

“We have Subzi Mandis but we don’t have Farmers’ Markets. So the idea is to introduce Farmers Markets”, Maheen Zia maintained.  

Sara Nasir-ud-din who handles KFM’s marketing informed they ensured that the vendors were offering healthy foodstuff: “We have an entire process of vetting all our vendors”.

She added that before letting any seller come to the Farmers’ Market they send them an application form: “If we feel they have passed the application then we go and visit them whether it be a farm, whether it be something they are making at their home in their private kitchen”.  

KFM also promotes self reliance by encouraging citizens to set up their own small scale kitchen gardens.

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