Saturday, June 24, 2017

Samsung wins appeal in patent dispute with Apple

CALIFORNIA: A US appeals court on Friday overturned a $120 million jury verdict against Samsung, finally handing the South Korean smartphone maker a significant win in its longstanding patent feud with

Facebook moves to new full-screen ‘immersive’ ads

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook on Thursday rolled out a platform for quick, immersive ads with the potential to become a tempting rival to television commercials. The leading social network made Canvas available

Facebook top choice for app advertising: Study

CALIFORNIA: The social networking giant Facebook is the undisputed leader in mobile advertising and the top marketing option for app developers, a new report has revealed. AppsFlyer -- an Israel-based

18300 Aspire for a Galactic Career: NASA’s 2017 Class

  Though only a chosen few will flee the escape velocity, 18300 aspirants responded to  NASA’s recruitment call. A selection board will select the most qualified applicants in the next 18 months. From

Nasa receives record number of astronaut applications for Astronaut

WASHINGTON: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has received a record 18,300 resumes from people keen on becoming astronauts, the US space agency said Saturday. The number of

U.S. would let Apple keep software to help FBI hack iPhone

CALIFORNIA: The Obama administration has told a U.S. magistrate judge it would be willing to allow Apple Inc. to retain possession of and later destroy specialised software it has been ordered to design

Russian fighter jet sale to Iran would violate arms ban, says US

WASHINGTON: The Obama administration said Thursday that a proposed Russian sale of fighter jets to Iran would violate a United Nations arms embargo on Tehran, setting up another standoff related to last


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