Friday, May 26, 2017

Techno Breakthrough: An app that could treat people suffering from late-life depression

AIMAN INAM   NEW ORLEANS: Another addition in the world of technologies! An innovative video game - app known as Project: EVO could certainly assist in healing oldies suffering from late-life depression

Indian hackers using WhatsApp to hack Pakistani users’ data: reports

ISLAMABAD (JAN 04, 2017): According to some reports, Indian hackers are using Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s video calling feature to spy on Pakistani users. The National Telecom and Information

SpaceX plans to resume space launch this week

WASHINGTON (JAN 03, 2017): American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (aka SpaceX) has said that it has identified the cause

Facebook CEO says he is no longer an atheist

CALIFORNIA (JAN 02, 2017): Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO of social-networking app Facebook has steered away from his atheist beliefs and emphasised the importance of religion, said

Turkey restricts internet, bans Twitter and YouTube

ANKARA: Turkey on Friday restricted access to social media websites after the Islamic State group released a video purportedly showing two Turkish soldiers being burned alive, a monitoring

Employee sues Google, says the company makes workers spy on each other

CALIFORNIA: American multinational technology company and search engine giant Google was sued by company’s employee who accused it of unlawfully prohibiting employees from sharing concerns

“Jarvis”, all you need to know about Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence-imbued software

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence-imbued software “butler” — named Jarvis — is now in service, and even plays with his family,

Google identified as ‘serial privacy violator’ after making changes in policy: Report

CALIFORNIA: American multinational technology company Google's recent move regarding the policy change has now resulted it in being branded as a ‘serial privacy violator’, said a

Pokémon Go falls short to boom bodily movement levels!

AIMAN INAM   NEW YORK: The GPS-based Smartphone game named Pokémon Go had made its fans crazy about it since launching. A number of individuals met with accidents owing to the amusing format of this


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