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    Nokia’s brand-new smartphone SOLD OUT in ONE MINUTE

    BEIJING (JAN 20, 2017): After years of absence from the smartphones market, Nokia has enjoyed a stunning return on Friday, according to new figures which claim the company’s latest

    Chinese hackers can bring down India’s military network: report

    NEW DELHI (JAN 20, 2017): Chinese malware has the ability to bring down India's military network and disrupt the army's communication, revealed a report published in Indian magazine. A report

    Microsoft founder to visit Pakistan this year: says PM Office

    ISLAMABAD (JAN 19, 2017): Prime Minister Office has announced that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will visit the country in the coming months. The announcement came after the tech

    Experts believe tech addiction is ‘digital heroin’ for kids

    CALIFORNIA (JAN 19, 2017): Children are becoming tech-savvy in the face of rapid technological evolution, but doctors believe this is eroding children’s mind and could lead to disastrous

    Alibaba to establish e-commerce platform in Pakistan

    DAVOS (JAN 19, 2017): In a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum 2017, Chairman Alibaba Group Jack Ma expressed his interest to include

    Amazon continues to ‘insult’ Indian flag, sells shoes, dog coat with Tiranga symbol

    CALIFORNIA: Online store Amazon continues to sell the stuff like shoes, dog coat and other with Indian flag imprinted on them, days after the company withdrawn Tiranga-themed doormats that

    Lockheed Martin delivers 200th F-35 to Japan

    M. M. ALAM   FORT WORTH (12 Jan., 2017): The first operational jet F-35 of 2017 (200th so far) has been delivered by Lockheed Martin to Japan's Air Self-Defense Force on Tuesday (10 Jan). The 200th

    Apple CEO gets 15% pay cut following first sales slump in 15 years

    CALIFORNIA: Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple was 'penalized' by his company for the iPhone maker’s first sales slump in 15 years with a 15 percent pay cut. In a statement,

    Techno Breakthrough: An app that could treat people suffering from late-life depression

    AIMAN INAM   NEW ORLEANS: Another addition in the world of technologies! An innovative video game - app known as Project: EVO could certainly assist in healing oldies suffering from late-life depression
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