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    Diabetics need to take extra care of their feet during winter

    AIMAN INAM   KARACHI: Plummeting mercury brings serious predicament in tandem for diabetics. For instance, uneven flow and nerve damage could trigger foot troubles. Winters wreak wetness between

    Anti-depressants during pregnancy may up birth defects: study

    AIMAN INAM   TORONTO: It has been observed that a lot of preggos opt for anti-depressants throughout the phase of pregnancy. However, savants, in their latest breakthrough, here have pointed out that

    Want to fend off health issues? Laugh out loud!

    AIMAN INAM   PARIS: People tend to laugh at jokes, to demonstrate sarcasm, nervousness and of course sometimes for no cause. Laughter could be unmanageable, enforced as well as fabricated. Some studies

    Does your child cry overly? It could be due to baby colic that could be contained via acupuncture

    AIMAN INAM   LONDON: A lot of tots cry their eyes out over and over again. Well incessant weeping could be the warning sign of having infantile colic. However, it could be got over via acupuncture. Infants

    Want to live longer? Drink coffee!

    AIMAN INAM   KARACHI: What researchers from Stanford University have claimed is certainly good news for coffee aficionados! The study asserted that consuming coffee could escalate individuals’

    Beware Workaholics! Stress related work might up cancer!!

    AIMAN INAM WASHINGTON D.C: It has been observed that males are more likely to be occupied with their work as compare to women. Keeping this in mind, savants set out to study the impact of stress related

    Experts believe tech addiction is ‘digital heroin’ for kids

    CALIFORNIA (JAN 19, 2017): Children are becoming tech-savvy in the face of rapid technological evolution, but doctors believe this is eroding children’s mind and could lead to disastrous

    Is there a link amid late night use of social media & kids’ weariness?

    AIMAN INAM   MANCHESTER: A novel research here has claimed that one out of five adolescents stays up through the dead of the night so as to send or check notifications or messages on social media

    Know the benefits of ingesting fiber!

    AIMAN INAM   KARACHI: Experts suggest that fiber is an essential element of the diets as it promotes our health and keep us off from innumerable ailments due to lots of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
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