Thursday, February 23, 2017

Scientific Breakthrough: Snail venom could be used to ward off chronic pain!

AIMAN INAM UTAH: Savants are convinced that the venom of Conus Regius snail could be useful to contain constant pain. The toxin consists of a composite called Rg1A that could certainly alleviate ache

Not all fish are healthy as you believe!

AIMAN INAM KARACHI: People love to consume seafood (particularly fish) as it provides a number of health benefits. Unfortunately - according to a novel study - most foodies are unaware of the fact that

Food-borne bacterium listeria may up miscarriage: study

AIMAN INAM NEW YORK: It has been observed that numerous ladies face the distressing dilemma of miscarriage during the initial phase of pregnancy. Bearing this in mind, scientists attempted to know the


RECIPE BY CUISINE EXPERT AMBER INAM NEWSPAKISTAN.TV EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS BY AIMAN INAM INGREDIENTS: For Making Kebabs 250-grams Chicken (mince) 2 tbsps Onion (chopped & sauté) 2 Green Chilies

Cut back on dairy products – barring yogurt – to contain acne!

AIMAN INAM GENEVA: People, particularly dames, are worried about the acne. They use home remedies together with professional prescriptions but it seems as if all in vein. What exactly is acne? Acne is

Mesdemoiselles with weak thighs are highly likely to have knee osteoarthritis!

AIMAN INAM LONDON: Those ladies who happen to have less potency in muscles (called the knee extensors or quadriceps) that help in straightening the legs for standing, climbing and kicking, are 47 percent

Smoking may make your unborn child’s body less responsive to drugs!

AIMAN INAM BOSTON: It goes without saying that what we do today, would certainly affect the health of forthcoming generation.   In the same way, a widespread custom of cigarette-smoking has been associated

‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin could also promote dad-child bonding: study

AIMAN INAM CHICAGO: Savants are convinced that Oxytocin - love hormone - not only bonds mother-child relationship, but also brings the dadzo and kid closer. This results into augmented parental care-giving. Study

Couples, who are best friends as well, experience the true love forever!

AIMAN INAM LOS ANGELES: So many people fittingly want their spouse to be the best friend as well. It is because in such scenario couples easily share everything without fear and discomfort. Bearing this


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