Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pakistan joins world community today to observe Earth Hour

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan joins the world community today in observing the 10th Earth Hour 2017 between 8.30 to 9.30pm local time. The Earth Hour, celebrated every year around the world, is aimed at creating

French diplomatic mission in Pakistan hails adoption of Climate Change Act

M. M. ALAM ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of France here has  welcomed adoption of Climate Change Act, by both the chambers of Parliament. The diplomatic mission has noted that Pakistan thus became the fifth

Climate change may up Type-2-Diabetes: study

AIMAN INAM AMSTERDAM: Almost all of us have been informed apropos climate change for so long. Nonetheless, what savants here have discovered must be implausible! They ascertain that scorching heat could

Consume more fruits and veggies to combat disease caused by climate change!

AIMAN INAM GENEVA: Changing climate due to the escalating pollution must be alarming for people living in Megapolis like Karachi. However, savants from UC Santa Barbara discovered some healthy ways so

Urbanization, air pollution may up drug-resistant bacteria: study

AIMAN INAM  KARACHI: What researchers from the University of Leicester have found out is certainly alarming for Karachiites! The first of its kind study has revealed that bacteria triggering respiratory

Extreme weather conditions will pose severe perils to human life: report

AIMAN INAM ATLANTA: What researchers here have asserted is certainly alarming for all of us! They believe that more fatal heat waves, outbreaks of specific communicable ailments as well as tragic food


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MP Bradford Barrister Imran Hussain speaks about climate change!

M. M. ALAM   BRADFORD: MP Barrister Imran Hussain has strongly advocated climate justice while attending Global Justice Bradford's Annual General Meeting held here.  BRADFORD PIECES PUBLISHED

Pre-Christmas flights from London airports experienced delays

IQRA SHAIKH   LONDON: It's not merely a case in Pakistan that as a festival approaches, the public gets to witness almost a catastrophic disturbance to the transport systems, be it coach journeys, railway


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