Beware Workaholics! Stress related work might up cancer!!


WASHINGTON D.C: It has been observed that males are more likely to be occupied with their work as compare to women. Keeping this in mind, savants set out to study the impact of stress related to work on men’s health.

They have discovered that stress related to work could trigger growth of tumor among them, which could prove to be fatal as well.

The study here has claimed that expanded exposure to work-related stress has been associated with augmented risks of lung, colon, rectal and stomach cancer together with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

For carrying out the study, scholars from INRS and Universite de Montreal in Canada observed the connection amid cancer and work-related stress received by men all through their working life.

All the contributors have been reported holding at least four jobs usually. However, those, who indulge in working for less than 15 years, are less likely to have cancer.

Most of the participants are firefighters, industrial engineers, aerospace engineers, mechanic supervisors, vehicle and railway-equipment repair employees etc.

Previous researches also discovered that stress could wreak a number of other perilous diseases such as hypertension, fast heart rate, sugar, digestive troubles, fertility concerns, urinary issues, immune problems, flu or common cold, headaches, sleep chaos, depression and anxiety.

They have reported their findings in the paper published Preventive Medicine.


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